Axemaster Releases “Crawling Chaos” on Pure Steel Records

Crawling Chaos album cover by Axemaster

The new Axemaster album “Crawling Chaos” on Pure Steel Records (Germany) has been released and is now available worldwide. “Crawling Chaos” combines major label quality sound, killer artwork & graphics, and material that has received rave early reviews, which helps to affirm the general belief that it has all the elements necessary to become the most successful and memorable Axemaster album to date. The new tracks show the band’s evolution by retaining a portion of the thrash feel of “Overture to Madness”, while having an overall sound that pays respect to their traditional metal roots from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Listen to “10,000 Pound Hammer”.

Also, the first video from the album is in the final stages of completion and will be released soon. Axemaster would like to thank the film company Creative Masters Unlimited for their hard work and professionalism in creating what will be an exceptional video that will be of more than suitable quality to be featured on ANY media outlet.

What the critics are saying about “Crawling Chaos”:

– It’s pure Heavy as fuck and will get you back to the 80’s heavy pounding sound with an edge of darkness swallowing your soul to obey the master. Ten tracks of pure guitar sounds and shreds with heavy pounding riffs and melodic yet deep vocals that captures the listener to slave him to pleasure. —-THE METAL MAG

– Crawling Chaos is a 10 track, pure metal journey, with nostalgic riffs and chant filled vocals. Just straight horns in the air metal. Take the time to grab this album and sit back and be prepared to be transformed to a younger you. —-ROCK CABAL

– Their biting thrash crunch and classic flavor is still present but the open, untamed energy of their early days has given way to studious songwriting delivered with slow tempos and riffs written with forethought, showing more in common with Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Manowar.—-AEA ZINE

Axemaster was formed in 1985 by lead guitarist Joe Sims. The project and music has stood the test of time and remains strong after over 30 years. The band’s unique blend of styles has proven to be a combination that appeals to metal fans from 2 different generations. This, coupled with the large amount of worldwide exposure they have received over the years and the band’s resolve to keep moving forward, gives cause to expect that Axemaster will continue to achieve greater success in the future!

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