Ancst Releases New Video and Announces Split LP

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Ancst, the powerful crust black metallers from Berlin, Germany, have released a new official video for the song “Broken Oath”, taken from their last album called “Furnance”, which was released on the 19th of February 2017 on CD/Vinyl by Vendetta Records and Yehonala Tapes. The video is a collection of events and live performances from the tour promoting the “Furnance” album, tour that took place at the begining of this year.

Also, Ancst announced the release of a new split LP with their long time friends King Apathy, formerly known as Thranekind: “We are proud to announce our upcoming split LP with King Apathy through Supreme Chaos Records & Alerta Antifascista Records. A lot of you have seen us touring together when they were still known as Thranekind and during that time we came up with the idea of a split release where each band would be covering the other. Well, after some time, we really pulled it off and it’s nearly ready and done. The split is available for pre-order through both labels and can be ordered here”:

It will feature one new song by each band and one cover song. The official release date will be the 25th of August. The release will be available with the following options:Ancst band in black and white, standing in a field

  • 100x ultra clear with purple splatter
  • 100x white with black mix fx
  • 300x clear
  • 300x white
  • 200x black”

More details about Ancst can be found on their Facebook page.

You can also listen to the whole discography on the major digital platforms like Deezer and Spotify, or you can buy the digital albums from the band’s Bandcamp profile.

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