Altair Releases “Nothing to Say” Video, Tribute to Andre Matos!

Altair on stage, blue and yellow lights

Italian power-prog metal act ALTAIR have paid the band’s personal tribute to Andre Matos (who passed away on June 8th, at the age of 47), releasing a video “Nothing to Say”, watch it here:

“We want to pay our personal tribute to Andre Matos, one of the most important composers and singers in the melodic Metal world, who suddenly passed away last month. We’d like to remember the master with one song taken from Angra’s masterpiece “Holy Land”. This album, with its romantic and tribal influences, its fairy melodies and astonishing technique, expresses all Andre’s essence and poetics.”

  • Recorded at Fear Studio by Gianmarco Bambini & Luca Scalabrin
  • Mixing and Mastering by Luca Scalabrin & Gianmarco Bambini
  • Video Edit by Luca Scalabrin

Andre MatosItalian power-prog metal band ALTAIR released the debut full length “Lost Eden” in 2013. The first single from the album won an important online contest whose first prize was the collaboration of Fabio Lione from Rhapsody, who recorded for Altair the track “Power of the Gods”. ALTAIR played in clubs and festival all around Italy, sometimes sharing the stage with important artists like Freedom Call, Fabio Lione, Trick or Treat, Kaledon, Vanexa, Sabotage and in an open air festival in Kiev with Blind Guardian and Rotting Christ. In October 2016 the second full length, “Descending: A Devilish Comedy” was recorded at Domination Studio with Simone Mularoni. The album was unleashed to the masses on June 30th, 2017 via Sleaszy Rider Records. “Descending…” is a concept album, running through the circles of hell, that exists only in our minds, where all the fears, vices, virtues and the dark side of the human kind are showed in the form of a theatre comedy.

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