Aftermoon (Modern Metal From Kiev) Announce European Tour


Modern metal act Aftermoon (Kiev) are proud to announce their European Tour 2018.

Aftermoon is a modern metal band from Kiev, Ukraine. We`ve started our musical way in 2012. Since the band’s formation, Aftermoon has played more than 80 shows in Europe and the biggest Ukrainian cities. We explore different genres in our music, such as modern metal, alternative rock and crossover. Symbiosis of different styles: we combine melodic vocals and piano with hard guitar riffs and intense rhythm section, use classical techniques and the variety of modern sound to create a unique mix that exists on the border of various musical genres. This allows Aftermoon find listeners with different musical preferences, both extreme metal and soft rock fans.

“Our shows are always different as well as our songs. Aftermoon concert program can be very sensual and calm and can consist our lyrical songs, acoustic versions of Aftermoon`s tracks and even covers-versions of the greatest hits. On the contrary, it can be a heavy-metal show, where clean vocals changes to extreme techniques, gentle piano sound transforms into aggressive and hard synths. However, usually it all comes together into a wild vortex of emotions, music, feelings and drive.”

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