Actor Observer Joins No Sleep Records Roster


Orange County independent record label No Sleep Records has announced that New England based post-hardcore band, Actor Observer, has joined their roster. The 5-piece group made up of Greg Marquis (vocals), Dan Bob Goterch (drums), Brett Colangelo (bass/vocals), Nick Grieco (guitar/vocals) and Kyle Kowalsky (guitar), will release their label debut, full-length, Pareidolia, on August 24th. The band has partnered with to premiere the record’s first new song, “On Your Laurels.”

““On Your Laurels” is a song about ambition and how a fixation on achievement can cause you to miss the point of what you’re actually striving for instead of appreciating what you have. The idea that if you’re not moving forward, you’re somehow falling behind is a social fallacy we’re reminded of every day in a culture that preys on fear and insecurity, especially in social media and the music industry where there’s this constant pressure to keep producing content lest you be forgotten.” – Greg Marquis

Since their formation, Actor Observer from Boston, MA has become a well-respected musical force throughout New England. Their dynamic sound and electric live performance are charged with a visceral sincerity and vulnerability that many audience members find refreshing in the current age of post-hardcore. The band’s debut, Pareidolia, is a genre-spanning LP exploring the personal empowerment and crippling insecurity of realizing that our reality is often only limited by our own perception. The record was produced by Kevin Dye (Gates, Owel, Vasudeva).

Pareidolia Tracklisting:Actor Observer album cover for Pareidolia

  1. Tyranny of the Remembering Self
  2. The Devil You Know
  3. Pendulum Days
  4. Reprieve
  5. Reuptake
  6. In Your Ways
  7. Low and Beholden
  8. Well Being
  9. On Your Laurels
  10. Dilettante
  11. Pareidolia

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