Veterans’ Day: Thank You For Your Service

Rebel Radio's Kevin Lane saluting while wearing his Navy cap on Veterans Day

It often comes up that I served in the United States Navy. People always say, thank you for your service, and this always leaves me with a loss for words. I never thought that a decision I made when I was 18 would mean so much to so many people. At 18, you’re looking for excitement and adventure –– a chance to see the world, and of course, I had patriotic reasons for joining as well. Most of the elder generation of my family had served in WW2, and this had a big impact on me as I, too, decided to enlist.

My Service in the Navy

I was a peace-time Sailor, and my years of service ended during Desert Shield. This was the staging operation leading up to the first Gulf War. Many brothers and sisters have sacrificed more since my days in the Navy. They enlisted knowing, as we all do, that they were putting themselves in harms way, for them and our nation.

Veterans’ Day

Today is Veterans’ Day –– a day to remember the sacrifices made by those of us who served. But I want to remind everyone of the sacrifices made also by the families of our veterans and current service members. We may put ourselves in the line of fire, but we do it for those at home –– our mothers, fathers, wives, and children –– and for all of the people of this great nation.

I was a peace-time sailor. That to me is a small contribution, but I hold my head high because I had the honor to stand the watch for my country. So when you see the flag today, remember all of us –– those who gave their lives, those who stood the watch, and the families that supported us.

And to those who want to say, “Thank you for your service”, I say, “It was my honor to stand that watch –– to serve you, and my

Kevin Lane


  1. let us not forget “All gave some… Some gave ALL” there are still some of us veterans that still are “Paying the Price” for their service to our Great Nation. “The military trained us to be war machines… it NEVER trained us to come home” and, myself included, still “fight the battles” everyday. i LOVE MY COUNTRY, and would gladly put my life on the line again for it. my “Oath of Service” that i took on 06STEP.1989, to my knowledge, has no expiration date. and i have never been relieved of said oath. to my brothers and sisters and to you Mr. Kevin Lane, Thank-You for your Service. Disabled Combat Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm <3

    • Thank you brother.
      Your comment brings to mind that many of us have wounds that can’t be seen or bandaged. I would like to take the opportunity put this out there for any of our brothers and sister in need.
      If you are in crisis and need to speak with a crisis responder, please call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1.
      Stay strong and Rebel On.

  2. Most important remembrance of our fallen brothers and sisters in arms is paramount. I also agree the sacrifices made by veterans and their families as well as current service members and their families deserve and honorable mention or a “Thank you for your Service”. Thank you brother, Kevin for your service.

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