Rebel Rock Report: October 26, 2018

Kevin Lane behind the Rebel Radio board


Our top story today concerns Manowar’s guitarist, Carl Logan, who was arrested for possession of child porn. Not many details are available, but what we do know is that there was a warrant issued by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s office on August 18. He was arrested shortly after and charged with up to 6 counts of knowingly possessing images of minors engaged in sexual acts. The arrest record is showing only three counts, but according to the charges, he knew what he had. Now, before you go out and start burning your Manowar collection, understand, he has not been convicted, and was released on bond, hours after the arrest. Even if he is guilty, it does not change the fact that Manowar is an awesome metal band and has put out a lot of great metal over the years since 1980. Logan is the third guitarist of Manowar, and joined the band in 1994. Stay tuned for further updates as information becomes available.


Ozzy is on the mend after two surgeries on his hand to treat an infection. As it turns out, the cause of the infection was different than what was originally released by the Ozzy camp. Ozzy has finally come clean, and the cause of all the trouble was staph. According to Ozzy, his thumb swelled to the size of, in his word, “an F’n light bulb,” and that’s when he checked into the
hospital for treatment. The Doctors determined that is was staph, and was probably caused by contact with someone who was carrying the infection. He does meet and greet a lot of fans, and shakes hands with about 200 people a day. This has been determined the likely cause. However, this hasn’t slowed the Ozz-man down, for he has been busy planning shows. The dates for the recently canceled shows are set for July, and he has a line up for the New Years Ozzfest. This will take place at the forum in LA, and the main stage will feature Ozzy, of course, supported by Rob Zombie, Jonathan Davis, Marilyn Manson —
I wonder if he’ll be selling any of his new line of dildos at the merch tables — and last, but not least, Body Count. Tickets go on sale today.

Body Count

And speaking of Body Count, Ice T was arrested in New York, not for assault or some violent act, not even close. No, he was arrested for not paying a toll on the George Washington bridge. Yeah that’s right, blowing a speed pass toll. This one goes in the WTF column. It seems his speed pass was out of funds and he was pulled over by Port Authority Police. There was also an issue with the registration on his new car, so he was ticketed for that, but arrested for blowing a toll. I guess playing a cop on TV doesn’t get you any leeway by the boys in blue in NY.

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