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The Menzingers

August 3, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

The Menzingers @Turner hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Menzingers (punk), with:

  • The Sidekicks
  • Queen of Jeans

@Turner hall Ballroom
Saturday, August 3
Doors = 7pm
Show = 8pm
All Ages
Tickets = $20 ($23 at the door)

The Menzingers

The MenzingersThough they would later relocate to nearby Philadelphia, punk rock unit the Menzingers came together in Scranton, Pennsylvania and included former members of local ska-punk bands Bob & the Sagets and Kos Mos. Tom May (vocals, guitar), Joe Godino (drums), Eric Keen (bass), and Greg Barnett (vocals, guitar) released a self-titled demo in 2006, and after it found its way into the hands of folks at Go-Kart Records, the guys earned a spot on the impressed label’s roster. The Menzingers’ debut full-length, A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology, subsequently came out in the summer of 2007. The record went over well and the band found its name spreading steadily among punk fans, especially among fans of groups like the Lawrence Arms. They hooked up with Red Scare Industries next and a four-song EP, Hold on Dodge, was released in May 2009; it was followed by tour dates alongside Broadway Calls. The Menzingers eventually headed back into the studio to work with producer Matt Allison on their next full-length, Chamberlain Waits, which was issued amid growing hype via Red Scare in April 2010. The following year, the Menzingers signed on with punk giant Epitaph Records, and in 2012 they released their third, more mature album, On the Impossible Past. The band continued to grow and refine their sound, incorporating elements of earthy and earnest heartland rock into their sound, a trend that was evident on their 2014 album, Rented World. For the 2017 follow-up, After the Party, the band reflected on hitting their thirties and reminisced about their younger days, with fans comparing the results to their earlier work. (Source)

The Sidekicks

the sidekicksFrom the fiery punk of early albums like So Long, Soggy Dog(2007) and Weight of Air (2009) to the more expansive pop influences heard on their Phil Ek-produced fourth album, Runners in the Nerved World (2015), Midwestern indie quartet the Sidekicks have shown a remarkable resilience and willingness to evolve with each subsequent release. Led by frontman Steve Ciolek, the Sidekicks grew organically from their Cleveland roots, first becoming a staple of the Red Scare roster and then, as their sound expanded and they headed south to Columbus, joining up with legendary punk imprint Epitaph Records in the mid-2010s.

The Sidekicks first came together in suburban Cleveland, getting their start in 2003 as high-school students who loved the usual punk suspects like Bad Religion, NOFX, and Rancid. It wasn’t long after forming that Ciolek (vocals/guitar), Matt Climer (drums), Brandon “Petey” Petrick (guitar), and Josh Henry (bass) fell into the area’s D.I.Y. punk community and began nurturing their sound and fan base in community centers and basements with like-minded bands, instead of going unnoticed on overcrowded club bills. Climer also held shows at his place, dubbed the Soggy Dog House, and their profile steadily grew. The Sidekicks recorded a few demos and EPs before issuing their first full-length of pop-punk, So Long, Soggy Dog, through Red Scare Industries in late 2007. The four-song 7″ Sam appeared the following year on Whoa Oh Records. In September 2009, the Sidekicks’ second album, Weight of Air, was released, once again through Red Scare, and it showed the band expanding its sound a bit more by delving into various indie punk influences; the album featured new guitarist Matt Schuermann as well (also of No Target Audience and American War).

By 2012, the Sidekicks relocated to Columbus, Ohio and were stylistically evolving, as pop and indie rock influences began making themselves heard on the album Awkward Breeds. The album also introduced a new Sidekicks lineup, with Josh Henry out and Ryan Starinsky in on bass. To the surprise of many fans, the Sidekicks signed a new record deal with Epitaph Records in 2014, and in January 2015 they dropped their first album for the label, Runners in the Nerved World, which was produced by Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses). The Sidekicks recorded the new LP as a quartet, but by the time the album was released, the group became a trio with the departure of guitarist Matt Schuermann (Toby Reif would later take up guitar duties). The Sidekicks toured behind Runners for nearly two years before returning to the studio to record their follow-up, Happiness Hours. Produced by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile) and released in April 2018, the album featured some of the band’s warmest, most melodic songs to date. (Source)

Queen of Jeans

Queen of JeansOffering an updated mix of surf rock, dream pop, and psychedelia, Queen of Jeans was formed in Philadelphia in 2015 by singer and main songwriter Miriam Devora, guitarist Matheson Glass, and bassist Nina Scotto. The name was a play on South Philly landmark King of Jeans, a denim outlet. All three women played in other area bands, but Devora was looking to take the lead with her songs, and the others were drawn to her material. In early 2016, the trio released a harmony- and reverb-rich debut EP, Queens of Jeans, on Third Uncle Records in the U.S. and Super Fan 99 Records in the U.K. In the meantime, they added drummer Patrick Wall and worked on their live show, both locally and on self-booked tours. After making their SXSW debut in March 2017, the band toured in support of Balance & Composure and From Indian Lakes. Top Shelf Records took notice and signed Queen of Jeans for their full-length debut, Dig Yourself. Issued in March 2018, it explored similar sonic territory but with a sharpened focus and more pensive tone. (Source)