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June 4, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Kataklysm at Reggies Monday, June 4, 2018

Kataklysm, w/:

  • Jungle Rot
  • Memories Wither

@Reggies Rock Club
Monday, June 4
Show = 7:00 pm
Ages = 17+
Tickets = $20 (ticket price includes CD/bonus dvd of new album “Meditations”)

Attendees will receive the new CD & Bonus Live DVD at this special release show!


Canadian Death Metal legends Kataklysm officially formed in the fall of 1991, they released a now classic demo called Death Gate Cycle Of Reincarnation in 1992 that got world attention and a record deal with Germany’s Nuclear Blast records, the band signed in 1993 and immediately released the demo on CD format and added the bonus track The Orb Of Uncreation which resulted in the creation of the critically acclaimed MCD The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation. Kataklysm gained world praise and recognition. A new style of influence was born : the Northern Hyperblast. Kataklysm are back to prove that aging brings experience that make great leaders, Kataklysm are at the top of they’re form and have evolved into a powerhouse that will crush all and leave nothing but Shadows & Dust for the mortals to beg! (Source)

Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot unravel unregulated aggression in a purely candid style. As if set to an egg-timer, it never takes more than a heartbeat for this four-piece from Chicago to go straight to the fuckin’ point. Their songs are known for hostility and tightly infectious riffs. They have an impressive ability to deny sounding “reused” or “recycled”. Throaty, but understandable vocals have long been a trademark of Dave Matrise all throughout the nine years JR has been shoveling forth their particular brand of underground demolition.

About the best thing going for Jungle Rot is their versatility. Referring mostly to musical style, their capacity to be a welcome addition to any bill is almost without question. Be it Sodom, In Flames, or the Beastie Boys, Jungle Rot is destination unto themselves. (Source)

Memories Wither

Memories Wither formed in 2007 with a passion to write and express their musical aura. A no compromise approach to writing songs the way they want to write. Not to fit a certain genre or affiliation. Aggressive, Brutal, catchy and clean describes the path we choose as a musical outlet. (Source)