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High Spirits

July 28, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 11:30 pm

High Spirits at Reggies Saturday, July 28, 2018

Alehorn of Power X:

  • High Spirits
  • Bible of the Devil
  • Mega Colossus
  • Ignitor
  • Owl

Saturday, July 28
Door = 6:30 pm
Ages = 17+
Tickets = $15 ($18 at the door)

High Spirits

HIGH SPIRITSHigh Spirits began in Chicago in early 2009 with a series of fun songwriting sessions and demo recordings. Soon, there were 10 songs recorded, enough for an album. It was released as a plain white-label LP at the first HIGH SPIRITS live show, which was in August of 2009. (Only a handful copies sold that night, but the rest sold quickly through the mail to fans all over the world.)

Record companies began to notice HIGH SPIRITS, and the demos compilation album was soon released on digipack CD by Cruz del Sur Music and on gatefold vinyl by High Roller Records. Despite the rough recording, songs like “Never Going Back”, “Torture”, and the signature “High Spirits” shined through; both versions are sold out. During 2010 the band did a lot of shows around the Midwest USA and self-released a 7” single titled “Let’s Rock”.

Interest was building for a proper full-length album, and studio sessions began in early 2011. Because the demos collection had been so successful, it was decided that all new songs would go on the album. In May, recordings took a break for the band to do a two-week tour in the USA.

Titled ‘Another Night’, High Roller Records released the album on CD and LP in August of 2011, and the response was sensational! The audiences loved it, and the response from the press was fantastic, especially that the band was named Best Newcomer of 2011 by Rock Hard Magazine.

By 2012, demand was “high” in Europe to see the band live. Keep It True Festival soon was in touch to offer a spot on their 2013 bill, and the band happily accepted! But the Rock Hard crew just could not wait that long, so they asked the band to play the Rock Hard Festival in May of 2012. On the same trip, HIGH SPIRITS played two hot club gigs in Germany and also Muskelrock festival in Sweden. It was all a lot of fun and a big success!

In 2013 the band is preparing to return to Europe and will do a short run of gigs (including Germany, Holland, Belgium, and the UK) leading up to the Keep It True Festival on April 19-20. To celebrate, High Roller Records is releasing a special new demos collection featuring five new songs, entitled simply ‘2013’.

Following the European trip, the band hopes to play some summer gigs in the USA and then it will be time to prepare the next studio album. (Source)

Bible of the Devil

With their twin guitar harmony attack and vocal hooks, Bible of the Devil have always kept themselves firmly grounded in their classic rock and metal influences. Their style reminds us that rock music can be catchy and brutal at the same time. (Source)

Mega Colossus

Do you like Barbarian Tales, Swords and Sorcery, and strange, post-apocalyptic realms where magic and science combine? Do you like to rock the fuck out? Then Mega Colossus is your band! (Source)


Formed in 2003, Austin, Texas’ IGNITOR are coming in hot after the release of their sixth full-length, Haunted By Rock & Roll, in November of 2017. Bringing their hybrid of some of the best of American, British, German 80s influenced heavy metal, they give you anthem-oriented tunes to raise your fists to. (Source)


Owl was originally hatched in 2007, when the youngest Baechle brother, Axell, sprang from an egg (aged 13 years already and with a Gibson Les Paul in his hands) and began to compose original songs in the style of classic heavy metal. The middle brother K, disturbed from his book by the noise, soon decided to join in, adding his Fender Stratocaster, supernatural songwriting, composition and vocal skills to the mix. The Holy Trinity finally came together at Christmas 2009, when oldest brother Clint was summoned away from a three month tour with some other band. The trio met at the Baechle family mountain aerie, high in the Sierra Mountains, and the demo tape was recorded (Clint on drums). The demo was circulated, with some critical acclaim, and much curiosity as to the real age and relationship of the band members.

Unable to procure a fourth sibling to complete the lineup of the band, the brothers adopted an African child named Melanie to be their bass player and sister in March of 2011. The Stone Loner seven inch was recorded soon after. The band picked up steam, playing gigs around the Bay Area, and lumbering drunkenly up the West Coast for the first time in August 2011.

The Stone Loner seven inch finally came out (as a split label release with band’s own Magick Hermit Records, and Tombs In The Valley productions from Newcastle, UK.) in February 2012. This was followed by a second West Coast tour. The band continued to ravage the Bay Area throughout the Spring and Summer of 2012, building a reputation as a formidable live act. The first LP (a split label release with Magick Hermit and Lummox records) was released in limited quantity in November 2012, on the eve of the band’s first US tour, which carried them to the East coast and back, through an onslaught of crazy gigs (and crazy weather).

In August and September 2013 the band toured the West Coast and Southwest United States, and in November and December they toured Europe for the first time. In January 2014 Jamie Sanitate became the new bass player. (Source)