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May 28 @ 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

$18 - $20

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Destruction concert poster

North America Under Attack 2017

Jungle Rot
Demons Within

Ages 17+

Tickets $18-20

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See band info below:


Inspired by Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Motörhead and Venom, Destruction was formed as “Knight of Demon” in 1982. The original line-up featured vocalist and bassist Marcel ‘Schmier’ Schirmer, drummer Tommy Sandmann, and guitarist Mike Sifringer. Here is Destruction’s discography, once they changed their name:

  1. Bestial Invasion of Hell: 1984 (Demo)
  2. Sentence Of Death: 1984, EP through Steamhammer Records
  3. Infernal Overkill: 1985 (first full-length album)
  4. Eternal Devastation: 1986
    The trio then added a second guitarist, Harry Wilkens
  5. Mad Butcher: 1987
  6. Release from Agony: 1988 (full length album)
  7. Live Without Sense: 1989 (live recording)
  8. Cracked Brain: 1990
    In 1989, Schmier left the band and Mike Sifringer continued to release albums under the moniker of “Neo-Destruction”.
    In 1999, Schmier rejoined, and things began to look up for the band as they signed a record deal with Nuclear Blast. They then released three more albums:
  9. All Hell Breaks Loose: 2000
  10. The Antichrist: 2001
  11. Metal Discharge: 2003
  12. Inventor of Evil: 2005 – Produced after Destruction signed with AFM Records
  13. Day Of Reckoning: 2011 – (Destruction’s latest album).


In music, there are leaders and there are followers. For every blistering riff there is an imitator, for each impassioned bellow, a sound-alike. It is the challenge of the modern musician to take the finite set of notes upon which all music is built, and make it their own. Warbringer did not invent their own vein of metal. They were preceded by greats like Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Anthrax and the almighty Metallica – but over the course of their previous two albums, they have managed to construct songs that are equal parts ferocity and finesse, and in doing so, created a sound that is distinctly their own. With the release of Worlds Torn Asunder, Warbringer are poised to take their rightful place at the table alongside the big boys. The music on Worlds Torn Asunder was created in the studio but was borne of years of relentless touring. True road warriors, the members of Warbringer have lived their lives in a van together for months on end, playing an average of 300 shows a year since the release of their debut album, War Without End, in 2008. In the process they have built an organic, diehard fanbase, sharing the stage with such metal stalwarts as Exodus, Nile, Suicide Silence, Megadeth, Napalm Death, Suffocation, All Shall Perish, Hatebreed, Testament, Obituary, Overkill, Halford, Kreator and Nevermore.

Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot unravel unregulated aggression in a purely candid style. As if set to an egg-timer, it never takes more than a heartbeat for this four-piece from Chicago to go straight to the point. Their songs are known for hostility and tightly infectious riffs. They have an impressive ability to deny sounding “reused” or “recycled”. Throaty, but understandable vocals have long been a trademark
of Dave Matrise all throughout the nine years JR has been shoveling forth their particular brand of underground demolition. About the best thing going for Jungle Rot is their versatility. Referring mostly to musical style, their capacity to be a welcome addition to any bill is almost without question. Be it Sodom, In Flames, or the Beastie Boys, Jungle Rot is destination unto themselves.

Demons Within

Demons Within was formed as a brutal/groove death metal band in January of 2008, consisting of unique individuals; lead vocalist J.C.B., lead/rhythm guitarist & Backing vocals T.C., and Desolation, and Tormentor Aul on bass guitar. Since their formation, Demons Within has released a six song EP (Tearing at the Eyes of God) and a full length CD (Desecration of Angels) a four song EP (Shroud of Deception) another four song EP (Godslayer) and has shared the stage with Straight Line Stitch, Soulfly, Devildriver, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), All That Remains, Deicide, Dying Fetus, Blackguard and Six Feet Under. They have been noted for their intense, high energy, in your face live performance. Looking to conquer the stage, whether it is at a local,
regional or national level, this is the entity known as Demons Within.


Reggies Chicago
2105 S. State Street
Chicago, IL 60616 United States
+ Google Map
(312) 949-0120

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