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AudioFeed Festival

July 4, 2019 - July 6, 2019

AudioFeed Festival in Urbana, IL on July 4-6, 2019

AudioFeed Festival:

@Urbana, IL
July 4-6 (bonus show = July 3)
Gates open = 8:00 am

Tickets’ starting price = $80  (Children 11 and under = free)
(Tickets prices will increase as we draw closer to the event)

AudioFeed 2019 Lineup Includes:

  • Oh, Sleeper
  • Wolves At the Gate
  • Exegesis
  • Bloodlines
  • Divine Martyr
  • (over 100 bands!)

What Is AudioFeed?

Audiofeed Festival is music, arts, and community.

Music and Art is the center of what we tangibly “do”. Since their founding in 2013, they’ve hosted over 400 bands, screened movies, explored performance and visual art, and created space for their audience to share their music and art. AudioFeed Festival typically runs over the week and weekend leading into the 4th of July.

The goal is to create an environment where unconditional love is nurtured, encouraged, and shared without regard for appearance, religious belief, race, societal status, or any other thing that separates us from each other in the world at large. They believe that the perfect example of that Love was expressed through Jesus Christ, and do their best in fitful and imperfect ways to follow His example. Exploration, questioning, doubts, fears, hopes, joys…all are welcomed and encouraged. “Ultimately, we’re people who want to support each other and experience great music and art with others who feel the same way.”

What kind of music?

“Good music. No…actually, GREAT music. That’s really our only criteria. We tend toward creative music that is not necessarily “radio single” type material. From really mellow acoustic to hardcore and everything in between. With three stages focusing on different styles, there is something for almost everyone almost all the time. Some of our artists are expressly Christian.  Many are not, but write music influenced by their faith journey. Some are expressly not Christian, but share our values of love and community and are working all of that out in the best way they can figure out. We like people like that.”

How did it start?

Audiofeed began in 2013 in an effort to keep the core “family” of the Cornerstone Festivals of the past alive. Audiofeed is not Cornerstone, but it’s the same family, and similar spirit. (Source)