Resort Release – Transcript:

“Attention timeshare owners! This is an urgent consumer alert from Resort Release, a national company specializing in helping consumers legally get rid of their expensive timeshares. Once you’ve made that decision to get rid of your timeshare for any reason, Resort Release is offering a Better Business Bureau, a credited way to legally get rid of your timeshare, guaranteed.

We guarantee to get rid of your timeshare payments, permanently! Even if you’ve tried another company to get rid of your expensive timeshare, call now and see if we can help you! At Resort Release, you don’t pay anything until you’re ready.

If you’re ready to learn how to permanently get rid of your costly timeshare, make this complimentary free call right now: (800) 898-0816, (800) 898-0816, (800) 898-0816. That’s (800) 898-08-16.”