Main Street Transcript:

“Due to an upturn in the economy, Main Street Business Loans has pre-approved the release of millions of dollars in small business funding. Your business may already be pre-approved to receive up to $250,000.

We’ve sent out millions of pre-approval letters. We see the economy growing, and our underwriters believe now is the time to invest in your business so you can grow faster and make more money. And we’re prepared to give you up to $250,000 to do it. Your funds can be available in five(5) days. There are no application fees, no annual fees; just quick access to up to $250,000 dollars.

If your business did not receive your approval letter to get up to $250,000 dollars, call Main Street Business Loans’ approval desk, now.”

“(800) 870-0459;
(800) 870-0459;
(800) 870-0459;
(800) 870-0459.”