Low Cost Airlines – Transcript:

Woman: “Greece is cheap.”

Man: “But the airfare costs a fortune.”

Woman: “Paris?”

Man: “Not much closer, and again, airfare.”

Woman: “What about Puerto Vallarta?”

Man: “Let’s face it. Flying ANYwhere is just too expensive.”

Woman: “Wait, what’s this? Low Cost Airlines!”

Narrator: With one call to Low Cost Airlines, you’ll drastically slash your travel costs. We’re talking insanely-low airline prices to any of your favorite destinations. Where would YOU like to go? London, Rome, Costa Rica, Australia?

Man: “Wow, that’s cheap!”

Narrator: So why wait? Call now to learn how crazy-cheap it is to fly anywhere in the US or international. Our prices are so low, we can’t publish them. The only way to get them is to call to instantly hear the most amazing best deals on airline travel. It’s that easy! So call now, and start packing.”

(800) 368-5184.
(800) 368-5184.
(800) 368-5184.
That’s (800) 368-51-84.