Home Security Hotline Transcript:

Nobody wants to get ripped off, broken into, or robbed, but nobody wants to pay a lot of money to have their home protected, either. (Crash!) I’ve got an offer to tell you about to provide home security for your home (Clang!), for less than a dollar a day, for real! With no installation or equipment charges. And this is from a company rated number 1 by a leading consumer research company!

According to the facts, most of you won’t even call, unless there’s a burglary in your neighborhood, or something bad happens. So let’s give you a reason: SAVE MONEY! For less than a dollar a day with no other costs, you can get your home secured. Plus, get a lifetime equipment replacement warranty!

You need protection for your home. Call the Home Security Hotline right now!

(800) 218-6710, (800) 218-6710, (800) 218-6710. Again that’s (800) 218-67-10.