General Steel – Transcript:

“Warning! Don’t let your business get left behind in what is likely to be the biggest economic boom in recent history!

If you need to build for your business to grow, call General Steel today for a free-engineered steel building designed for your needs. No wasted space!

Steel prices are expected to rise, but you can still lock in your price on a General Steel building. And, you can still save as much as half the cost and time of conventional construction — as much as HALF! But you must call now.

If you need a church building, office, warehouse, manufacturing space, retail space, or more, call General Steel today. You could still get the General’s 50-year structural warranty and General Steel quality, all at a price you can afford. So don’t let rising steel prices put your project out of reach and stop you from making your company great!

(800) 965-1290
(800) 965-1290
(800) 965-1290.
That’s (800) 965-12-90.