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Geeks On Site Transcription


(sigh), “I can’t get my computer to work!”


“Let me help you with that.”


“How’d you do that?”


“I just got techie with Geeks On Site.”

Narrator #1:

“Our Geeks literally come on site. No need to stop what you’re doing, or block off time. We come to your home, office, or wherever you are. And we don’t just fix whatever computer issues you might be having, we explain and teach you along the way, so that you can feel empowered, and then teach others in your home, or at your office. Better yet, don’t have time for tech support to come to you? Let us remote into your desktop or laptop, and one of our geeks will instantly walk you through. We offer affordable prices on our remote services, and IT support. You, and those in your office, will never have to wait hours to have your technical questions answered. Get your free computer diagnosis today, with your very own geek.”

Narrator #2:

Get started now, and we’ll help you instantly! Call 800-890-45-01.
That’s 800-890-4501.