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DISH TV – Transcript:

“D-D-D- DISH TV is better than cable TV. Why? Because you can save 45% on packages compared to your high priced cable bill. (cha-ching!) Wow, take those giant scissors out and cut the cable, and save with DISH TV. Plus, you get a free DVR upgrade to record your favorite shows, and free installation. And with “DISH Anywhere”, you can watch TV for free on your mobile device. Act fast! You can save hundreds of dollars! Does your cable company do that for you? (cricket chirping) I don’t think so.

Get all the best TV programming at your fingertips, at a fraction of the price of cable TV. So say adios! Areva derchie! Good bye to the high cable bill, and save up to 45% on DISH TV packages today!

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Call fast! (800) 706-7063
(800) 706-7063
(800) 706-7063.
That’s (800) 706-70-63.”