Addiction Hope and Help – Transcript:

“We’ve been fighting the war on drugs for a long time. We answer the phone 24/7, 365 days a year. On a busy night, we answer hundreds of calls. This war on drugs needs our intervention.”

“Since 2014, Addiction Hope and Help Line has helped people struggling with drugs and alcohol.”

“When the phone rings, we help people when they need it the most. When we get a caller into treatment, it feels good — it’s a blessing!”

“If you’re struggling, drinking, using, and need to get clean, don’t suffer alone in silence! Call Addiction Hope and Help Line.”

“Our people understand, and many are also in recovery. Call for support and strength. You can call for someone who can’t, or isn’t willing, as an act of love. Together, we can help you beat this thing, and erase addiction from your vocabulary, once and for all.”

(800) 869-9644.
(800) 869-9644.
(800) 869-9644.”