Rebel Radio logo HistoryRebel Radio has been cranking out hard rock and heavy metal over the air waves since July 10, 1994, starting off on a small, AM, brokered radio station in a Chicago suburbs, during evening drive-time hours. Over the years, Rebel Radio has broadcast on close to 10 different radio stations, one being 24/7, and one being over Satcom C-5 satellite. Rebel Radio was also the very first radio station in the U.S.A. to stream music over the internet (and the second to stream full-time, beginning on February 13, 1996).

One question that’s often asked is if we got our name from the Airheads movie. No, we didn’t. Originally, the station was going to be called “Hard Rock 1330”, but it didn’t make people to think of metal. Scott then changed it to “Rebellious Radio”, but the name was too long, so he shortened it to “Rebel Radio”. According to IMDb, the Airheads movie didn’t open in the theaters until August 5, 1994, almost exactly 1 month after Rebel Radio hit the airwaves.

Today, Rebel Radio continues to bring the best metal, new, old, local, national, and international to the world, broadcasting 24/7on WPJX AM 1500 and FM 92.5, streams 24/7 over the internet via this website, and can be listened to live via the TuneIn Radio app — accessible through our website, iPhone, Android, most new autos, Alexa, Echo (and other home AI units), Roku, Apple TV, and more! We’re also always looking for more radio stations to broadcast onto.

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