Andy Gehron, sometime before 2002Hi, I’m Andy Gehron. I began working for Rebel Radio in August, 1996. You’ll probably remember me looking more like this, with the long hair, than you would now.

I’ve been in radio for literally all of my life, hanging out at WLS as a child (yeah, I was that little kid who Steve Dahl used to chase out of the studio), meeting bands like Styx, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, KISS, and some others back stage and at the station, going on promos, and riding around in the “Magic Bus” – I even went to college for radio. Being a part of Rebel Radio always reminded me of those days – back when working in radio was fun, the listeners were loyal, and before the corporations made everything automated and cookie-cutter, ya know?

When I began DJ’ing at Rebel Radio, we were on AM 1330 and 103.1 WVVX. We soon jumped around onto other stations, also, like 105.5 the Kat, 94.3 WJKL (which K-Love soon bought), a station up in Green Bay, WI via Satcom C-5, and 1240 AM. We also later added 1430 AM, WEEF to the list, where I began hosting a Christian metal show for an hour every Friday in 2004-5.

In 2005, I graduated seminary and moved to another state to pursue a full-time position in Youth Ministry. In 2017, I returned in full force, editing the cusses out of songs, setting up our social media, completely redoing the website (like it?), and occasionally filling in for Scott on-air.

Like I said, Rebel Radio has always been a big part of my life, and I really want it to thrive – if possible, to become as big as (or close to) WLS in the 1970s and ’80s. And since we have some of the most loyal listeners, I’m askin’: If Rebel Radio has been (or is now) part of your life, also, then tell others about us – introduce them, and share with them why they should listen regularly and support us (and buy some shirts and gear to show your support for real metal and the station that plays it)!

So, until we talk again, “Spread the Word!”

To learn more about me, my faith, or for topics to bring up when you see me at shows, etc., check out my personal website. Also, here are some more Rebel Radio-related pictures of me: