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Rebel Radio new simulcast stations: 92.5 FM and 1500 AM

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  • You played a killer song 6/27 around 3/3:30. It was heavy and sounded like the chorus was "bring us your dead." I can't figure out...
  • would really like to hear some old CONTAGION from chicago

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Metal Bingo at the Brauer House in Lombard, IL, every Monday night at 9pm

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Why is Rebel Radio my favorite station? Because it’s like the ol’ Z-Rock on the web…only better. Seriously though, that background graphic alone just plain rules…add in a live feed, cool stuff to scam, a place to vent, and a regularly updated page in general (a rarity these days among most radio sites, unfortunately)…how can you go wrong? Man, if I lived in Chicago (instead of Boston, which is the next best thing to Chicago here in New England, I guess), I’d be begging Rebel Radio for a job, just so I could be a part of the coolest station I’ve ever heard!
Aaron - Boston (Feb. 1997)