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April 26 @ 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Varaha @ Reggies Music Joint on Friday, April 26, 2019

Varaha, w/:

  • Dusk
  • Withering Soul
  • Dismalimerence

@Reggies Music Joint
Friday, April 26
8:00 pm
Ages = 21+
Ticket starting price = 10


Varaha’s music is a cinematic journey that defies genre limitations, and immerses us in its evocative, dynamic, and melancholic moods.

Varaha earned critical exaltation for their debut EP. The Record was featured in Angry Metal Guy’s 2017 Year End List EP Edition and was praised for succeeding in “leaving the listener craving more,” Metal Nexus observes, “There are dark overtones to the somber sonic output presented here, with each track possessed of airy, ethereal nuances traversing their wide expanses. Epic transcendentalist vibes keep you riveted as you listen to the wide spectrum of dynamics taking place and permeating every fiber and note happening around you.“ Toilet Ov Hell calls Varaha “A group fascinated by the possibilities of mingling evocative melodies with crushing riffage.” Echoing Magazine commends a, “truly amazing cast,” furthering, “Though you do get hints of those other groups at moments in the play of the saxophone and cello, these are really just accents to a core-sound that is a heavily jazz influenced; Transcendence-era Devin Townsend Project, that intersects with the sometimes ethereal — almost to the point of shoegaze — and black metal aspects of Écailles de Lune-era Alcest.” Invisible Oranges crowns the offering, “elegiac and gorgeous,” adding, “Varaha have something new to say in the world of gothic doom.” Indy Metal Vault lauds a record that’s, “epic,” and, “flat out fucking gorgeous – particularly, the clean guitar tones that dominate.” HeavyBlogIsHeavy concurs, “Varaha… play the sort of dark, brooding, and expressive metal that made goth so important to the evolution of doom.” Dead Rhetoric calls the EP, “a delight,” championing the band’s, “excellent, heightened atmospheric jaunts,” while No Clean Singing notes, “Though you can feel the bass and the drums in a very physical and earthy way, the music equally has an evanescent, ephemeral quality, almost like imagining the northern lights cascading overhead while your feet are firmly planted in solid ground. That contrast appears in the vocals as well, which move between soaring angelic tones and ugly, abrasive snarls and shrieks. Almost transcendentally beautiful, but heavy and haunting too.” (Source)

Withering Soul

Crafting a wide variety of European influences, Withering Soul seeks to evoke a sound completely of it’s own, that is both fierce and majestic. Anything from bludgeoning riffs, brutally catchy rhythms, to ghastly yet mysterious melodies, are what will warm the ears of anyone that listens. Painted atop a diverse arrangement of musical passages, is the specter of both melodic singing and sinister screams. The veritable result is an orchestrated seance of dueling guitars, pummeling percussion, and unearthly keyboards. The lyrical content echoes of themes connected to the subconsciousness, horror, and the supernatural. Ultimately, the band strives to create a sound that will stare into the unknown, break apart the many sub genres of Metal, and challenge the limitations of an overpopulated music scene. (Source)


Dismalimerence is a Progressive/Atmospheric Black Metal from IL. Their debut single, “Sequestered Hearts”, is out now, and their full-length album, “Tome:1”, is coming out soon. (Source)