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Novembers Doom

October 15, 2017 @ 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm


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Novembers Doom concert poster

Novembers Doom, w/

  • Without Waves
  • Divinity Compromised
  • Varaha

Ages = 21+

Tickets = $10


Novembers Doom

Novembers Doom

Chicago-based underground metal veterans NOVEMBERS DOOM are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. The band, which formed in ’89, have a long and storied past and are easily one of metal’s most under-appreciated stalwarts. “We have always set a list of goals for this band,” says founding vocalist Paul Kuhr, “and from the day I started this band, nearly every goal has been reached. From simply signing a record deal, and releasing a CD, to playing on European soil, we have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to continue to attempt to finish that list, due to record label support, and our fans.”

This summer will see the release of Novembers Doom’s seventh full-length effort, entitled ‘Into Night’s Requiem Infernal.’ The album was tracked at Belle City Sound by Chris Djuricic, who also handles bass duties in the band, and mixed by Dan Swano at Unisound. “The combination of Djuricic and Swano creates the perfect sound for us,” explains Kuhr, “and we’ve received nothing but stellar reviews of sound quality from this combination in the past. ‘Into Night’s Requiem Infernal’ is a very dark album, lyrically and artistically. It’s about the personal struggle with inner demons, battling with the unknown, and looking at others who use faith as a crutch. Much has happened to me in my life, and during the writing process for this album many challenges stood in my way. Family, health, loss… As thing pile on, one can’t help but have many questions, and dwell in the negative.”

Despite the challenges and occasional setbacks that Kuhr and his bandmates– Djuricic along with drummer Sasha Horn and guitarists Vito Marchese and Lawrence Roberts– have faced, Kuhr remains positive about their career. “When things get too stressful or we burn out, we take a couple of months off from everything, and then when we regroup the fire is back. One of the greatest highlights for me was playing Graspop Metal Meeting open air festival in Belgium in 2008. We had expected maybe 1200 people, as we were opening the marquee stage, and we played in front of nearly 6000 people, and half of them sang along to almost every song. Looking out and seeing hundreds of our t-shirts and the reaction of the fans was simply amazing.”

‘Into Night’s Requiem Infernal’ will seem at once familiar and fresh to Novembers Doom fans. “We chose to combine what we felt were the best elements of the past several Novembers Doom albums,” explains Kuhr. “We have the darkness from ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’ with the aggression of ‘The Novella Reservoir’ and the melody from albums like ‘To Welcome the Fade.’ Combining it all, I feel we have created some of our very best work.”

The artwork for the album was created by Tommy Genest for Meanspark Illustration. “I worked closely with him on all the conceptual pieces, and he delivered huge,” says Kuhr. “We’ve always had great album artwork and we like to keep things different, using different artists, while maintaining quality people expect, so it’s always great to find a guy like Tommy, who is on the same page as we are.”

The imagery is quite thought-provoking. At first glance the album cover appears to depict the Virgin Mary and child, but look again– “The moon in the sky gives the woman the appearance of the Virgin Mary holding a child. The child is without halo, though, so there’s no certainty these people are who we assume they are,” explains Kuhr. “The demons at her feet represent fear of the unknown. Their fear of what this child could become. It’s all a question of faith validity.”

Despite the band’s longevity and their high name-recognition within metal circles, there still seem to be some misconceptions circulating about Novembers Doom. “For those people who have yet to listen to Novembers Doom, who have never given us a chance because they feel we play a specific style of music because we have the word ‘doom’ in our name, then ‘Into Night’s Requiem Infernal’ is the album they should try us with,” Kuhr implores metal fans. “It is a combination of death metal, rock and roll, thrash, progressive, and elements of doom, all combined to create our strongest offering.” Perhaps Kuhr is right. Maybe ‘Into Night’s Requiem Infernal’ will be the album that finally sets the record straight, once and for all, on these Chicago heavy metal masters. Only time will tell.  Source

Without Waves

Without WavesFormed in 2010, Without Waves set out to write music with an open ended approach to songwriting. This attitude has helped Without Waves create a wildly varied sound with a foundation in heavy metal. After seven years, Without Waves is currently supporting it’s Prosthetic Records debut, “Lunar,” released March 2017. “We are beyond excited to be putting out our next album through Prosthetic Records,” says Drummer Garry Naples. Prosthetic has a long, diverse history of great music and it is inspiring for us to join that roster. We cannot wait to get this album out and get out on the road to support it.”

Their new record, currently out via Prosthetic Records, expands on their already eclectic sound. “Every record is an evolution for us,” says singer Anthony Cwan. “We experiment. We tinker. We have a sense of wonder. We stay true to ourselves and go with what feels right.”

Their diverse sound has given Without Waves a chance to share the stage with an equally diverse selection of bands: The Black Dahlia Murder, Scale the Summit, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Vattnet Viskar and Leprous just to name a few. Though a relatively new band, the members themselves had been playing together in one form or another for over a decade prior to Without Waves. Their unique bond contributes to the diversity of the songs and their performance. Their live show is energetic, tight and, at times, free flowing, which only comes when players are 100% confident and respectful of each other…Evolution through experimentation. Source

Divinity Compromised

Divinity Compromised

Divinity Compromised was formed in 2009 and features veterans of the Chicago-area metal scene. The band has focused on creating a heavy, yet melodic and accessible sound with a focus on musicianship and soundscapes using symphonic and electronic elements.

The band released A World Torn in March 2013 to consistently positive reviews. The album’s themes explore mankind’s fascination with religion, destruction and its own future as the world continues to crumble around us. Full album support commenced in spring of 2013 in the Chicago area and surrounding regions, where Divinity Compromised brings its unique soundscape to live shows everywhere. The band has continued to obtain high-profile shows and in September 2013 appeared as part of ProgPower USA XIV.

What does the future hold for us as we fade out of existence? Source


VarahaChicago’s  play a dynamic, doom/dark rock inspired metal. The band’s palette is wide and varies from monolithic, heavily distorted guitars to elegiac and nostalgic arrangements. Overall, their music is a cinematic dance between heavy riffing counterpointed by omnipresent melodies, as well as droned parts of despair, and evocative clean guitar arrangements.


October 15, 2017
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
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