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Legions Of Metal

May 17 @ 5:00 pm - May 18 @ 11:30 pm

Legions of Metal Fest May 17-18, 2019 @Reggies

Legions Of Metal
Friday, May 17 – Saturday May 18
Show = 5:00 pm
Ages = 17+
Ticket starting price = $79

Friday, May 17th Lineup:

  • Liege Lord
  • Culprit
  • Salvacion
  • Demon Bitch
  • Paladin
  • Anguish
  • Remit
  • Children of the Reptile

Saturday, May 18th Lineup:

  • Cirith Ungol
  • Icarus Witch
  • Traveler
  • Knights of the Forge
  • Hammered
  • Crash
  • Smoulder
  • Knights of the Forge
  • Hammered
  • Crash
  • Smoulder

The Legions of Metal Festival was born out of the end of the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival. Legions of Metal Festival will continue to bring the best of the classic metal from the 80’s that we all love and also bring in the newer bands who will carry the torch into the upcoming years in the metal world. You will be able to see some of the newest bands in the scene throughout the day and end each night watching the bands you grew up listening to. The fest will feature two stages and plenty of vendors.

Liege Lord

If you were lucky enough to grow up with the birth of American heavy metal, you undoubtedly remember what a special time it was. Great bands were everywhere. Metallica. Slayer. Testament. Exodus. Death Angel. And the list goes on. Notice a theme here? All of the said bands are still relatively at their respective games. Percolating just below those giants were the bands that comprised the heart, soul and spirit of the scene. Among them was Liege Lord, the preeminent Connecticut power metal band that recorded three ground-breaking albums before drifting apart.

Good things come to those who wait. Twenty-five years after the release of “Master Control,” the final — and some would argue best — album, Liege Lord has reunited around the songwriting core of bassist Matt Vinci, guitarist Joe Comeau and guitarist Anthony Truglio. Liege Lord is scheduled to headline the Keep it True festival in Germany in April and record new music by year’s end.

Liege Lord formed in Stamford, Connecticut, in 1984 around the high school friendship of Vinci and Truglio, and the latter’s drumming cousin Frank Cortese. Originally called Deceiver (named after the classic Judas Priest song), the band became Liege Lord — which originally also included singer Andy Michaud and drummer Pete McCarthy — when it began writing its own material.

Local gigs begot regional gigs and by 1985 the band had recorded the pioneering power metal album “Freedom’s Rise.” Marked by break-neck and intricate riffing — with Vinci being every part of that guitar attack — it marked the arrival of a band destined for more. The following saw Paul Nelson replacing McCarthy and the group unveiling the slightly more progressive-leaning “Burn to My Touch,” produced by Blue Oyster Cult’s Joe Bouchard and released by Metal Blade Records. With this album Liege Lord became mainstays at tri-state area venues, sharing stages with Hades, Overkill, Anthrax, Raven and Carnivore.

By 1988 a shake-up was in order. Comeau, a Rochester, N.Y., native gave the band that push it needed. A power metal singer in the style of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson yet with the angst of an overdriven Rob Halford, he proved an extremely logical fit. “Master Control,” produced by Terry Date before he was a go-to producer, was the group’s high water mark. It was also its swan song. Until now.

With heavy metal undoubtedly more popular than ever, “Master Control” celebrating its 25th anniversary and the key players game, a Liege Lord reunion is very well-timed. Truglio and Comeau never left music. Truglio has established himself as one of Connecticut’s finest guitarist, as adept in jazz and blues as blistering metal. He has logged serious time in project’s with Helmet’s Page Hamilton. Comeau has lent his singing and guitar talents to Ramrod, Overkill, Annihilator and Tad Morose among others. Vinci became a professional photographer.

New to the Liege Lord 2013 roster are guitarist Danny Wacker, who has played with Atlantic Records artist New Blood Revival and in Baptized By Fire, with Dee Snider’s son Jesse Blaze. Drummer Frank Gilchriest comes from a serious metal pedigree, having been a member of Virgin Steele and Riot.
– Ray Hogan


As Iron Maiden was to England and Metallica was to San Francisco, Culprit was to Seattle. For a generation that grew up on Kiss, Rush, and Ted Nugent, Culprit proved that Seattle and the Northwest could rock with the best. Inspired by Culprit, thousands went on to form bands. Others who were in awe of the musicianship and popularity were inspired to try other styles of rock or metal music. In part, you can thank Culprit for their influence on Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, Mud Honey, Alice-In-Chains, Queensryche, and even Nirvana.

The interaction and energy between Culprit and their fans is pure magic. With an army of head bangers in front of them, Culprit dominated stages in a way the Northwest had never seen before.

Featuring John DeVol and Kjartan Kristoffersen with a twin guitar attack, crisscrossing the stage like charging animals; Scott Earl, an “in your face” bass player, flying through the air while scissor kicking or at the front edge of the stage, teetering on monitors; Bud Burrill, a powerhouse drummer, towering over the stage, keeping it all together while being totally locked in with Scott; and, Jeff L’Heureux, a vocalist like no other, overseeing it all with his intense voice and great sense of humor.
Culprit delivered what people craved: intense high-energy metal in a British sounding vein, complete with cascading duo-guitar runs, split second time changes, staggeringly complex rhythms and piercing vocals that adds uniqueness to the band’s overall sound. Enjoy the taste of energy and insanity that is Culprit!
-Brett Hartman-


Salvación began as the brainchild of drummer Carlos Denogean. Eager not only to pay tribute to classic Heavy Metal but to play a part in keeping the tradition alive and vital as well. The band formed in 2009 when childhood friend and guitarist Nicholas Sponsel moved to Wilmington North Carolina with the same ambitions. Enlisting the help of some of the most talented musicians in the area they set out to have their vision realized. Despite lineup changes the core of the group remained and in less than three years self-released two full length albums and played numerous shows with some of the best internationally known Heavy Metal bands. In 2013 they set out on their most ambitious project yet, a concept record inspired by Hernán Cortés and the conquest of Mexico. Identifying with the historical figure’s unwavering conviction for his goal the record is a monument to the band’s steadfast resolution for Heavy Metal. The year 2013 also marked the return of Lead guitarist Dan Todd who contributed immensely on the band’s well received second album Way More Unstoppable. The alchemy of this lineup is the strongest it has ever been and they are determined now more than ever to keep defending the faith of True Heavy Metal.

Demon Bitch

“By the evil and dark spirit of heavy metal we were invoked to come forth cloven hoofed and forked of tongue.. we are the friends of Hell.”


Fast, melodic, and technical, Atlanta’s Paladin is on a mission to bring some European flavor to the city’s metal scene. The foursome blends soaring vocals, harsh rasps, catchy melodies, and fiery guitar work reminiscent of the 80s to create their own brand of thrashy power metal.

Cirith Ungol

Blending Sword & Sorcery themes with fiercely intense Heavy Metal, Cirith Ungol’s music congers up the darker side of man’s eternal struggle..A Churning Maelstrom of Metal Chaos Descending!

Icarus Witch

Ideamen, from Chicago’s south side, have been touring all summer planting the seeds to support their upcoming album “May You Live In Interesting Times”, released on October 27th, by Rotten Records, (Los Angeles, CA). The new album promises to satisfy a two year wait for fans the world over, who have been listening to Ideamen’s heralded and currently out of print 5 song EP ‘Progress’.

Ideamen formed in 2006 from the ashes of the bands Duct Tape Mustache and Soulvasq. Both shared similar influences (Mr. Bungle, System Of A Down, Ben Folds, Queen) and occasionally shared a stage together. Tim Swanson, Mark Vasquez, Dave Solar, Dan Figurell and Phil Goodrich emerged with a band more mature and accessible than their previous incarnations. Taking elements of 70’s piano pop infused with modern rock, Ideamen created their own unique sound complete with with dual-lead vocalists, a strong keyboard presence, and their trademark, four-part vocal harmonies.

In 2007 Ideamen independently released their first EP, ‘Progress’, which sold quickly throughout the US and around the world with sales in Canada, the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia & Finland. After the release of ‘Progress’, Ideamen began touring and tapping into the subculture of the ‘Experimental’ music scene.