Rick – Indianapolis (Feb. 1996)

This is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!
OK, let me back up…I get a news-mailing every day, and I subscribed to the music category, which includes recording, radio, video production, etc. Well, they had a story about Rebel Radio, so I had to see this fro myself.
I’d never heard of Real Audio, nor Rebel Radio before (with the exception of the movie “AirHeads”), so I thought I’d try it out. WOW!
See, I live in Indianapolis, and we had a great hard rock station (WRZX) that was bought by the bigger radio station(WFBQ-“Q95”) when they were getting too popular, and changed their format to some alternative shit (Indy’s new rock alternative X103 – lame or what?). Hey, you’re playing Nugent’s Stranglehold – I love that song!
So now, all the many, many hours I spend on the web will be spent with you. This is just soo cool, I can barely type this. Imagine, hard rock everywhere I go! Like, I have to go to LA later this month, and Rebel Radio’s coming with me. I have to go to NY in March, and Rebel Radio will be there, too. God, this is cool!
I’d never heard of Rebel Radio before today, and I am now hooked! I also let everyone in the Metallica and Megadeth newsgroup about Rebel Radio, so I’m sure this will be a very popular new venture.
Keep rockin’ with Rebel Radio-oh-oh-oh!! – Airheads

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