Chuck – N. Illinois (Sept. 1997)

I’ve been a long-time listener, since the station was on 103.1 FM, then went to 107.9, and now back. Glad you got rid of that loser Scott Loftis. He really showed his true colors at The Blaze.
I’m a 43-year old listener and you guys kick major ass! I don’t care what kind of music you play, as long as they don’t play it on M-tv (yech). I wish this type of music had a bigger following so we could be able to hear more of it. It is great to see that a station will put the listener ahead of selling out for a dollar or two.
I would like to be put on your e-mail mailing list if one if available, so that I may be kept informed of happenings around the Northern Illinois area. Also, if available, a list of places near Gurnee or Vernon Hills area that carries your merchandise for me to purchase.
Again, thank you very much for putting the listeners ahead of everything else. I wish you peace and heavy metal for a long time to come.

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