Andrew – Canada (July 31, 1997)

I have to say that I’ve always hated listening to the radio. They only play bloody oldies, lite rock, or (ugh!) “Alternative”. In Dartmouth & Halifax (that’s Nova Scotia, Canada), the music around here is pretty dead (unless you like Oasis or Punk!). It’s as if people are scared to listen to it (the ‘devil’s music’). So imagine my surprise when I find your page in an infoseek query for RealAudio! My first thought was that it was just a collection of RealAudio clips and posted to a page…much like my music page on my site. But it was actually REAL TIME!
The first thing I listen to was the Mosh Pit…and fell in love!
The design of the site was very rich, and easy to navigate, excellent job. Now, whenever I’m working on my webpages, RealAudio is playing RebelRadio. I’m just thankful I have unlimited axs!

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