Gaia Epicus Releases Fourth Single, “The System Is Down”

Gaia Epicus

Thomas Chr. Hansen and his Gaia Epicus just released the fourth single called ”The System Is Down” from the long awaited sixth album called Alpha & Omega. Gaia Epicus also recently released the the singles “War Against Terror”, ”Fire & Ice (reborn)” and “Crush”.

The album is to be released later this year and is being mixed and mastered by Eduardo Belchior at Intense Music Productions.

Alpha & Omega tracklist:

  1. War Against Terror
  2. The System Is Down
  3. Crush
  4. Don’t Be A Fool
  5. Join The Dark Side
  6. The Poison
  7. Fire & Ice (Reborn)
  8. We Belong To Yesterday
  9. Blinded By Hate
  10. Destiny Calls
  11. Land Of The Rising Sun
  12. Alpha & Omega

The cover artwork for the CD was created by Stan W. Decker (Masterplan, Primal Fear, Jorn).

Gaia Epicus is a solo project by Thomas Chr. Hansen (vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, and bass).

Guest musicians include:

  • Alfred Fridhagen – drums (Mad Hatter, Hellspray, Morning Dwell)
  • Mathias Hemmingby – guitar solo’s (Askheimr)
  • Jack Roger Olsen – guitar solo (ex-Highland Glory)
  • Christer Harøy – guitar solo (Divided Multitude)
  • Magnus Tveiten – guitar solo (Blodsmak)
  • Ann-Kristin Bjørby – choir
  • Amy Slootweg – piano

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