SREDNEP, Featuring Kevin Talley and Mike Sarkisyan, Drops New Album “Social Masks”

SREDNEP Social Masks album cover

SREDNEP Stream Social Masks Here
Featuring Guest Vocal Appearances by Sean Zatorsky (Sinsaenum, Chimaira, Daath) and Ricky Myers (Disgorge, Suffocation)

Kevin Srednep conceptualized his experimental industrial metal project SREDNEP in 2013 as a solo studio-based venture. After receiving praise for his 2014 EP, Silence – which featured the addition of aggressive, bottom-heavy guitar work by Spineshank guitarist Mike Sarkisyan -Srednep recognized that only way onward was upward. When writing his brand new sophomore release, Social Masks, a full-length album focusing on the hypocrisies of humanity, Srednep knew that he and Sarkisyan needed an additional driving force behind the project. Enter drummer extraordinaire Kevin Talley, recognized for his work with artists such as Dying Fetus, Daath, Misery Index, Six Feet Under, Chimaira, Suffocation and many others.

Frontman Kevin Srednep says, “In my eyes, SREDNEP needed a new sound and identity, and incorporating real drums instead of electronics was the first step. Of course, Kevin is the perfect go-to guy if you want tight drums on a record, so getting him involved was a no-brainer.”

Social Masks, which is out today and available to order via BigCartel and iTunes, Amazon and Google Play (stream via Spotify) also features guest vocalists Sean Zatorsky (Sinsaenum, Chimaira, Daath), Ricky Myers (Disgorge, Suffocation, Serpents Whisper) and a few other special guests. The inclusion of these guests, in SREDNEPaddition an overall vicious progression of sound, gives Social Masks a stronger death metal-feel in comparison to the group’s previous release, Silence.

You can stream Social Masks in its entirety now via youtube.

Netherlands native Kevin Srednep describes Social Masks as an album about the collapse of humanity, social media drifting people apart, and corporate companies devouring our planet until all we have left is meaningless money ruling all.

“This album focuses on social media: the platform doing the opposite of it’s supposed intention. People documenting their every step, only for a confirmation. Everyone wants to be heard, but no one wants to f**king listen. We are the parasites devouring our planet. We are the anti-cells who create our own prisons,” says Srednep.

Stay tuned for more coming from SREDNEP soon!

Social Masks track listing

  1. The Formidable End (Intro)
  2. R3born
  3. WW3 2.0
  4. Cyberspeed
  5. The Sinner 2.0
  6. Through Synthetic Eyes
  7. Social Masks 2.0 (ft. Sean Zatorsky)
  8. Clouds Of Sulphur
  9. Apocalyptic Slaughtering (ft. Ricky Myers)
  10. R3born (Single Version)
  11. R3born (SPCKR Remix)
  12. Apoclayptic Slaughtering (Single Version)
  13. Apocalyptic Slaughtering (Psyclown Remix)


  • Kevin Srednep – Vocals, Electronics
  • Mike Sarkisyan – Guitars, Bass
  • Kevin Talley – Drums


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