Lance King Question Everything and Begins to “ReProgram”

Lance King

Lance King, former voice of Pyramaze, Balance of Power, Avian, and Gemini, returns with his bombastic second solo album titled ‘ReProgram’ once again calling on the amazing talents of his musician friends and co-producer Jacob Hansen. Now calling his style ‘Celestial Metal’, Lance challenges the very fabric of who we are as humans with ‘ReProgram’.

From Generation to generation… we’ve lived by rules…rules passed down by our ancestors, rules…that fed us definitions for every aspect of our existence on who to be, what to do, how to live. Rules on Culture, Religion, Sexuality, Education, Gender, Family, Career…on Identity! Some of these beliefs have progressed over time, but many do us more harm than good, holding us back from our true potential, our true self.

Indoctrinated onto us…programmed into us by our Parents, Leaders, Educational Systems, Society, the Media, and Politicians. Some have ‘good intentions’…others ‘ulterior motives’. But what if you gave yourself permission to question everything you’ve ever believed? Eliminating the rules that have held you back…programming new ones that build you up, and redefining your own ideas of Happiness, Career, Success, Love, and Fulfillment.

It’s never too late to change the rules that have held you back and live the life that is truly yours…an extraordinary life! It’s time to question everything and begin to ReProgram.

Lance says more about his album: “I set out to write happy metal songs thinking’…the world needs more happy music…especially ‘heavy’ happy music!’ But, that isn’t what we came up with…the lyrics are moody and deal with the common struggle of being stuck in an unhappy life by our own conditioning.

I wouldn’t call it a concept album, but rather a personal purging of perceptions… our beliefs become our filters of reality. We don’t see the word as it is…we see the world as ‘We Are,’ many times denying our own authenticity, and in turn denying ourselves true freedom and happiness! I realized the truth of this about a year before I started writing this album when I read a book called ‘The Four Agreements’, it’s very powerful…I highly recommend it as manditory reading for anyone unhappy.”

Co-Writing Performers:

  • Kim Olesen – (Anubis Gate) Guitars and Keys on ‘ReProgram’ and ‘Technology’
  • Markus Sigfridsson – (Darkwater/Harmony) Guitars and Keys on ‘Stand your Ground’, ‘Limitless’, ‘Sleeper’ & ‘Perfect World’
  • Matt Hodsdon – (Chaos Frame) Guitars and Keys on ‘Chaotica’, ‘Reaction Formation’, ‘Spell of Domestication’
  • Rich Hinks – (Annihilator / Aeon Zen) Bass on all tracks except (*) Guitar, Keys on ‘Pointing Fingers’ & ‘A Mind at War’, ‘Wide Open’

Lance’s Featured Friends:

  • Morten Gade Sørensen (Pyramaze/Anubis Gate) Massive Grooves and Percussion
  • Fred Columbo (Spheric Universe Experience) Keys transition between ‘Wide Open & Chaotica’, solo on ‘Spell of Domestication’ and ‘A Mind at
  • Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) Guitar solo on ‘Wide Open’
  • Jakob Riis (L Wood Joy) *Bass on ‘ReProgram’ and ‘Technology’

Lance has set up a Pledge Campaign with some amazing bundles. Pledge ends July 15th.

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