Fortis Amor Reveals Soaring New Track “Particles”

Fortis Amor self-titled album cover

The melodic progressive metal project, Fortis Amor, entirely conceived and executed by guitarist/vocalist/composer/producer Ryan Duke – releases a self-titled full-length album TODAY (May 19, 2017). While Fortis Amor’s 10 tracks nearly convince the listener that they’re hearing a full band, the project is entirely Ryan Duke’s making, aside from select guest solos by Jack Daniels (War of Ages, Hope For The Dying) and Zack Uidl (ex-7 Horns 7 Eyes).

Today, Duke is revealing the second single from the album, entitled “Particles”, exclusively via “Particles” soars with piercing riffs, eventually cascading into heavy, pummeling rhythmic patterns and peaking with an uplifting outro. Duke says: “I wrote Particles a while ago on an acoustic guitar. It was originally in Drop D tuning, but I had a very hard time singing it, so that’s when I decided to change the regular tuning I use to Drop B. This song is a three-part chronicle of a very difficult time in my life. I ended up coming out the other side as a much more confident person. It describes the deep anguish of feeling like everything you have has been broken into pieces and all your hopes and dreams have been smashed beneath a giant anvil. Then from that pain and loss, you find that it needed to happen so you could take all that was destroyed and make something much better out of it. It is really about the benefits of pain and loss. To never give up on life or yourself. It is the essence of hope.”

“To never give up on life or yourself. It is the essence of hope.”

Listen to the first single from Fortis Amor, entitled “Holding On To Nothing”.

Fortis Amor is comprised of Ryan Duke’s earlier musical musings, stretching back nearly two decades. More recently, Duke has released two EP’s of more modern takes on the genre (2009’s Passage and 2012’s Seismic). With one listen, it’s clear that the different styles and influences on Fortis Amor quite literally transcend any recent metal trend defined by a period of time. After spending so much time honing a signature sound, incorporating years of inspiration becomes inevitable.

Fortis Amor delivers a progressive blend that will appeal to any listener. The album opens gracefully with an orchestral arrangement accompanied by intricate acoustic guitar, but wastes no time revealing its true nature – a blend of hooky, rhythmic metal accented by passionate vocals and mixed atmospheric undertones. The overall tone of Fortis Amor is positive emotion, which is reflected by the project name, meaning “strong love” in Latin.

Fortis Amor track listing:

  1. Particles
  2. Holding On To Nothing
  3. Renewal (feat. Jack Daniels [War of Ages, Hope For The Dying])
  4. Subjected to Frustration
  5. Upon Yourself
  6. Bring This Petition To The Castle
  7. The Maiden’s Vineyard
  8. Outpouring
  9. Deathless

Take Heart (feat. Zack Uidl [ex-7 Horns 7 Eyes]) (listen now!)

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