:30 Second Radio Advertisements


What you get:

  • :30 second commercial or event promo
  • Free mentions on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Please include the number of :30 second commercials you wish to add to your cart. (For instance, if you want one ad to run once per night for 1 week, then that would be 7 ads).

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*(Banner ad must be provided by you, the client. Location on website is picked by size, shape, and sometimes random). Free optional placement of Banner Ad on the Rebel Radio website is dependent upon the client’s ability to provide Rebel Radio with a banner ad. If client does not provide a banner ad for the website, the free option is forfeit (unless one if provided during the agreed running time of the radio ad). It is not up to Rebel Radio to provide a banner ad for the client unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Special :30 Package Deals:

SPECIAL (#30-1): Buy twenty (20) :30 ads for $800, receive 20 more, free = 40 ads total  ($1600 value!)

SPECIAL (#30-2): Buy thirty (30) :30 ads for $1200, receive 25 more, free = 55 ads total ($2200 value!)

SPECIAL (#30-3): Buy forty (40) :30 ads for $1600, receive 30 more, free = 70 ads total ($2800 value!)

SPECIAL (#30-4): Buy fifty (50) :30 ads for $2000, receive 35 more, free = 85 ads total ($3400 value!)