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Seven Kingdoms

November 14, 2018 @ 7:30 am - 11:30 pm

seven kingdoms at Cobra Lounge Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Seven Kingdoms, w/:

  • Dire Peril
  • Wings of Severance
  • Beast Warrior

@Cobra Lounge
November 14
Show = 7:30 pm
Doors = 7:00 pm
Ages = 17+
Tickets = $15

Seven Kingdoms

Seven KingdomsSeven Kingdoms was formed in Deland, FL in 2007. The band began to play shows, went through all the usual “underground band” ups-and-down; members came and went; numerous local shows; an independently released debut album; etc. Finally, once they had a more solidified lineup, the band signed a management/booking deal with Intromental Worldwide in 2009, which lead to a record deal with Nightmare Records.

Shortly after the release of their Nightmare Records debut “Seven Kingdoms” (their second release, but first featuring vocalist Sabrina Valentine) Seven Kingdoms played the opening party at the very prestigious ProgPower USA and was then handpicked by the legendary German power metal band, Blind Guardian, to open their 2010 North American tour, which saw the band playing in front of tens of thousands of metal fans throughout USA and Canada. This tour gained the band exponential amounts of exposure, to their direct market. Seven Kingdoms went on to play several one off’s and smaller tours in 2011 ending with the “Uniting The Powers Of Metal” tour alongside other uprising power metal acts such as Artizan, Creation’s End and Widow. The band capped off 2011 signing endorsement deals with Engl Amplification and Warwick Basses / Amps.

The First show of 2012 came with a slot on the 70,000 Tons Of Metal Preparty, playing to a packed house at the Grand Central venue in Miami. In May of 2012 the band entered Morrisound Studios to creating a record powerful enough to hang with the best in metal. With legendary producer Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Obituary, JOP, Jag Panzer etc) at the helm and much more experience gained, Seven Kingdoms created their next melodic power thrash opus.

Upon completion of the recording of their new album, Seven Kingdoms signed an extension of their deal with Nightmare Records. The Music Video for ‘After The Fall’ premiered at ProgPower USA on the big screen, directly before the set of Symphony X to a captive crowd. The video went viral for a short period of time, gaining over 400,000+ views on Youtube. The record, titled “The Fire is Mine”, was unleashed on October 9, 2012.

A band started for fun, found that hard work and dedication to their craft has major pay offs…Seven Kingdoms is carving its own path in metal history creating something genuinely unique, yet undeniably Power Metal! (Source)

Dire Peril

Dire PerilIn October 2009, guitarist Jason Ashcraft combined his love for Metal music and science-fiction into a singular vision that would become Dire Peril. The first year and a half were spent composing a bulk of the songs that would soon appear on the band’s 3 scheduled EP’s: “Astronomical Minds”, “Queen Of The Galaxy”, & “Through Time And Space”. Without a solid line-up in place Jason utilized a handful of musicians he knew from fellow bands to bounce ideas off of and perform live. The pattern of utilizing hired musicians continued into the studio when it came time to begin recording the album. The most notable of the group was bassist Jeremiah Bear who appears on the band’s debut and would eventually join the group’s ranks full-time. In 2011 writing for the album concluded and recording was in full force at Alien Productions Studios. The missing piece was a vocalist that could deliver the performance Jason was envisioning for this band. He quickly reached out to vocalist Norman Skinner (Skinner\ex-Imagika) and asked if he would be interested in lending his voice to the recording. After hearing a few samples of the songs Skinner agreed and began to construct melodies around the compositions and rework the lyrics supplied. The pairing of Ashcraft’s writing and Skinner’s vocals mixed brilliantly and Norman was the next member to agree to join the band on a full-time basis midway through the recordings. Drummer Ben Jackson was brought aboard to finalize the band’s line-up and live sound. In January of 2013 the band self-released the EP “Astronomical Minds” featuring 3 outstanding tracks as well as a cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s Classic “Godzilla”. The EP was met with open arms and rave reviews by both fans and critics alike. The band is currently performing live and putting the final touches on the 2nd scheduled EP “Queen of The Galaxy”. The album will be released Fall of 2014 and the 3rd “Through Time And Space” in 2015. The band is currently finishing up writing for a yet unnamed full length effort and a 2nd full-length concept CD is in the works as well. Fans of the band can be delighted knowing that a plethora of new music lay ahead for “Dire Peril”. (Source)

Wings of Severance

wings of severanceWings of Severance is a four-piece heavy metal band from the Chicago land area. Our debut album, “Welcome the Afterlife” was released August 19, 2017. The album consists of stories from Greek mythology and the almighty Achilles to the brutal Salem witch trials.
We don’t let the notion of “genre” limit our styles and influences found in our live shows. Our music is fueled straight from the roots of heavy metal with heavy guitar riffs, powerful drum licks and a stage performance like no other. Our music is infectious and will pull you in. (Source)

Beast Warrior

beast warriorAt the outermost fringe of the universe, far beyond the range of sentient thought, they were born. Four beings, spawned forth from the unholy union of dark matter and the semen of God. For eons they have grown powerful beyond comprehension, enveloping stars, entire solar systems, with their presence. They have eaten suns. They have shat galaxies. They have tasted the sweat of the purest virgins.

The collective consciousness of the demigods has encompassed all of time and space. Knowledge of the dawning of life and of six different apocalypses fills their minds. Their gargantuan and pulsating influence yet expands, even to the mortal realm, silently but swiftly penetrating the spongy and waiting minds of the human race. Women lie with their clothes rended from their bodies, their naked flesh exposed and their minds rotted, maniacal babble exploding from their lips. They speak of lands undreamed, creatures blacker than the deepest abyss, and a name: Baldor… (Source)


Cobra Lounge
235 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60607 United States
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(312) 226-6300