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September 22, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Nonpoint, w/:

  • He Is Legend
  • Letters from the Fire
  • Consume the Divide

@Bottom Lounge
Saturday, September 22
Doors = 6:00 pm
Show = 7:00 pm
All Ages
Tickets = $20


NonpointThe unconquerable spirit of Nonpoint charges up the energy in any environment, from the studio to the stage. The stamina, resilience, diversity, massive power and undeniable authenticity of the enduring Active Rock crew makes them kindred spirits to their audience: fans who call upon the band’s tried-and-true anthems to help conquer adversity in their own lives.

Nonpoint emerged as part of the cultural wave of aggressive-streetwise-metal-mixed-with-melodic-force and unapologetic passion that burst from underground clubs onto Ozzfest and MTV in the “aughts.” But even as radio formats shifted and the window dressing aesthetics changed, the sheer intensity balanced with huge catchiness of Nonpoint bangers like “Bullet with a Name,” “Breaking Skin,” “The Truth” and “That Day” kept them relevant and revered.

Nonpoint operates with the bottom heavy groove of Sabbath, the audacious danger of The Crue and GN’R, the theatrical bent of Maiden, the in-your-face brutality of Pantera and the urgent explosiveness of Rage Against The Machine. This is music for the millions of people who connect just as passionately with Metallica’s Black Album as the record of the same name by Jay-Z, the same fans that grew up to start increasingly rock radio leaning bands like Bring Me The Horizon. “Not everybody wants to go see a shrink and not everybody wants to sit around and wallow,” Soriano observes. “Our music can be therapy. It is what helps someone get through something. I attest all of our success to keeping three things important: the music, the show, and the fans. (Source)

He Is Legend

He Is LegendBelief can be a powerful thing.When shared even among a small group, possibilities remain endless.

That brings us to He Is Legend’s fifth full-length offering, few [Spinefarm Records]. The communal faith belonging to a cadre of musicians, artists, and fans brought the collection to life. That’s why the title, a nod to Madame Helena Blavatsky’s occult treasure The Voice of the Silence, feels so cosmically apropos for the Wilmington, NC quartet — Schuylar Croom [vocals], Adam Tanbouz [lead guitar], Matty Williams [bass], and Denis Desloge [guitar].

“This is dedicated to the people who supported us through everything,” declares Croom. “I was inspired by the words of Helena Blavatsky. She’s basically the godmother of the occult, and she dedicated one of her books to the few. Basically, that means the few that follow the way. I thought it was very fitting for what we do. It took just a few artists and a few thousand of our fans to come through and say, ‘Fuck yeah, we want you to do another record.’ We left it up to them.” (Source)

Letters from the Fire

Letters From the FireSometimes, paths cross at just the right time as if written in the stars…
By the summer of 2017, San Francisco hard rock outfit Letters From The Fire had ignited a groundswell of support amongst a growing diehard audience. 2016’s independent debut Worth the Pain spawned two Top 20 rock radio hits (“Worth the Pain” and “Give in to Me”) as they logged countless miles on the road with everyone from Seether to Lacey Sturm, built a social following of 250K-plus, and generated over 5 million cumulative Spotify streams and 4 million YouTube/VEVO views. However, the musicians—Mike Keller [rhythm guitar], Cameron Stucky [lead guitar], Clayton Wages [bass], and Seth Hostetter [drums]—found themselves in need of a frontwoman.

381 miles south in Los Angeles, singer, songwriter, actress, model, and activist Nina Bergman sought a new venue for musical expression befitting of her devilish sense of danger. Heeding the call for an audition, chemistry bubbled over between these five individuals, and the pieces fell into place for a collective rebirth.

“Nina was just like us,” exclaims Mike. “She had been at it for over ten years, calling promoters, booking shows, touring, and making her own way in between launching a successful career in acting and modeling. We identified with her work ethic. It was cool to have a front person come in, take control, and care so much. Nina has attitude in her voice and the way she delivers. She brought an industrial element like a female Trent Reznor. Our goal was to embody the spirit of heavy music, but build the base of it on a low end that hits you in the chest like a big mainstream anthem would.”

“This is who we are,” concludes Mike. “This is what we’ve all been working towards. It’s a decade in the making. It’s everything we’ve ever learned or done. It’s all of Nina’s life in the lyrics. It’s not only a progression for the band, but our first real statement. At the end of the day, it’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done.”

“I’ve wanted this for a long time,” Nina leaves off. “It happened when it was meant. I had a great acting career…but I try to go with the scary choices, because the reward is bigger. When I asked myself, ‘Do I put my energy into Letters From The Fire?’, it gave me those butterflies. I dove in. Now, I couldn’t be happier with where it’s headed.” (Source)

Consume the Divide

Consume the DivideConsume the Divide is a group of rock musicians who create music that aims to drive it into your heart. Previous to our recent merging as a band, we have shared the stage with many metal acts varying in genres such as: Dope, All That Remains, Mushroomhead, Ventana, Otep, New Years Day, Andrew W.K., Stolen Babies, Lydia Can’t Breath and Team Cybergest plus various local Chicago bands in our careers. Consume the Divide wants listeners to be a part of our development as a band and live show. Our new E.P. A Passed Life is now available. Meet us at one of our upcoming shows or message any of us to get one. (Source)


Bottom Lounge
1375 W Lake St
Chicago, IL 60607 United States
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(312) 666-6775