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Morbid Angel

April 27, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 11:30 pm

$19 – $75
morbid angel April 27, 2018 at The Forge in Joliet

Rebel Show

  • Morbid Angel
  • Origin
  • Dreaming Dead
  • Hate Storm Annihilation

@The Forge
Friday, April 27
Doors = 6:30
Show = 7:30
All Ages
Tickets = $19-$75

Morbid Angel

Morbid AngelGroups like Venom, Mercyful Fate, and Slayer may have founded death metal in the early ’80s, but it wasn’t until such disciples as Morbid Angel came along at the close of the decade that the genre was pushed to its most extreme level, both musically and lyrically. Formed in 1984 in Florida, Morbid Angel (along with Death) would also help spearhead an eventual death metal movement in their home state, which would include such notables as Deicide and Obituary, among countless others.

From its inception, the group’s leader has been guitarist/songwriter Trey Azagthoth, who has successfully maintained that Morbid Angel stick to their guns throughout countless musical fads during their career. Over the course of their first few releases, 1989’s Altars of Madness and 1991’s Blessed Are the Sick (the latter considered by many as a landmark release in the death metal genre), the group’s lineup consisted of Azagthoth, vocalist/bassist David Vincent, guitarist Richard Brunelle, and drummer Pete Sandoval. With Brunelle bowing out of the group shortly thereafter and replaced by Erik Rutan, Morbid Angel had come across what would become the longest-lasting lineup of their career, showcased on such albums as 1991’s Abominations of Desolation, 1993’s Covenant, 1995’s Domination, and 1996’s in-concert Entangled in Chaos, before Vincent jumped ship and was replaced with Steve Tucker.

The Tucker-led lineup lasted for a pair of releases, 1997’s Formulas Fatal to the Flesh and 2000’s Gateways to Annihilation, before he was replaced with former Hate Eternal vocalist/bassist Jared Anderson. Morbid Angel spent the summer of 2001 touring U.S. arenas along with Pantera and Slayer as part of the multi-band Extreme Steel Tour. After briefly rejoining the band and recording their seventh studio album, Heretic, Tucker left again to be replaced by Vincent. Although the band continued to tour, with multiple lineup changes, a new record didn’t materialize until 2011. Illud Divinum Insanus was released through the independent French label Season of Mist, and was the only one to feature Vincent following his return in 2004.

After another lengthy gap in recording — and the news in 2015 that Vincent had once again left the band — Tucker rejoined Morbid Angel. Although they intended to tour in 2017, they were forced to cancel their booked shows due to passport issues. Eager to fix the problem, Morbid Angel planned to reschedule the tour for 2018, and in the meantime released their ninth studio record, Kingdoms Disdained, in December 2017. (Source)


For 20 years, Origin has engaged a full-blown sensory assault of tight, taut, and technical death metal amplified by flashes of grindcore and groove. However, 2017’s Unparalleled Universe [Nuclear Blast] sees the quartet—Paul Ryan [guitar, vocals], John Longstreth [drums], Mike Flores [bass, vocals], and Jason Keyser [vocals]—strengthens that blueprint with a handful of surprises…

“It feels like an Origin album, but it’s unparalleled to what you might expect if you haven’t heard us for 10 or 15 years,” says Ryan. “To me, it’s a true reflection of ourselves. I compare it to an action movie. Our earlier material is filled with action from beginning to end. Now, the idea is to add a little more depth and dynamics. You could say there are some twists in the plot musically.”

The band began compiling ideas for what would become Unparalleled Universe while touring in support of their 2014 sixth offering, Omnipresent. Along the way, the record snatched their highest position on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, bowing in the Top 10. Meanwhile, it garnered acclaim from No Clean Singing and Metalsucks, building on a string of accolades that includes Ryan landing on Decibel’s “Top 20 Death Metal Guitarists of All-Time” list during 2008’s Antithesis, as well as that album’s finite amassing 1.6 million YouTube views, and successful tours with everyone from Hate Eternal and Cryptopsy to Decapitated and Candiria over the years. They’ve also shined on the Summer Slaughter Tour in 2009 & 2014. On the road with Belphegor last year, the members debuted a skeleton of the first single “Accident and Error” in front of packed crowds.

“We would ask the audience to give us title ideas, but we could never discern what they were actually saying” laughs Ryan. “Riffs typically start on tour, and I keep them in my back pocket. That’s the way it is.”

During January 2017, Ryan headed to Chapman Studios in Kansas City, KS to record alongside longtime collaborator and engineer Rob Rebeck [Tech N9ne]. In under a month, they emerged with the ten songs comprising Unparalleled Universe and an expanded sonic palette. “Invariance Under Transformation” tempers a trudging, doom-y groove with a dark hiss and brutal stomp and the dynamic “Cascading Failures and Diminishing Returns” bludgeons and burns, while “Accident And Error” barrels ahead on a double bass air raid with smart bomb precise sweeping arpeggios.

“There are different parts,” he goes on. “The slower moments feature a couple of classic circle pit speed metal riffs like on ‘Accident and Error.’ Then, ‘Invariance Under Transformation’ is the slowest tempo we’ve ever done. It’s new territory. As musicians, we all appreciate various things, and we’re trying to bring out unpredictable moods. We wanted to stir the pot a little.”

The opener “Infinitesimal To The Infinite” gallops forward on a steamrolling rush of riffage as Keyser’s screams take hold. “It retains the original Origin feel,” adds Ryan. “We try to come out of the gate like that.”

Rounding out Unparalleled Universe, the group heads south of the border via a murderous and malevolent cover of Brujeria’s “Revolución.”

“One of Brujeria’s albums always gets played on just about every tour we’re on,” he goes on. “The song meant something at the time right now—especially with everything going on politically. We put a lot of effort in to get the pronunciation right. It came out well for a bunch of gringos!”

Ultimately, Unparalleled Universe begins another era for Origin. “In the end, we’re still writing death metal songs, but we’re adding new dimensions,” he leaves off. “We’re still Origin.” (Source)

Dreaming Dead

Present Live Lineup

  • Elizabeth Schall – Vox / Lead Guitars
  • Teresa Wallace – Guitars
  • Tamara Tadic – Drums

Hate Storm Annihilation

Hate Storm Annihilation was started in 2012 by Guitarist/Vocalist Craig Schmuhl and Drummer Konstantin Dermendjiev as an “Extreme Metal” project. Pushing tempos to the next level with blistering blast beats, intense riffage and guttural vocals.

HSA has performed around the Midwest opening for such acts as Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Deicide and many others. In 2013 HSA embarked on their first European Tour supporting Bloodsoaked and then returning to Europe to support Six Feet Under on their “Xmas in Hell” tour. 

In 2014 HSA released their debut full length album “Storm of Flames”. “Storm of Flames” received massive amounts of recognitiion throught the underground metal scene and even landing a couple spots in Decibel Magazine.

Also in 2014 HSA embarked on their first ever North American tour in support of Master on their “Witch Hunt” tour and then again tour North America with Master and Solstice in 2015 as part of the “Decimate the States” tour.

In 2016, Craig Schmuh (Guitarist/Vocalist) would then be excepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts to study Jazz Guitar Performance/Composition. There he would meet fellow Berklee student, Spencer Metela, who would become the Bassist for HSA.

In 2017 HSA announced their new full length album “Following The Path To Eternal Fire”. A 7 track, hour plus long Death Metal/Prog Fusion album consisting of a wide range of influences from Death Metal, 70’s Progressive Rock and even Movie Scoring. (Source)


The Forge
22 W. Cass St.
Joliet, IL 60432 United States
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(815) 280-5246