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July 14, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Exhorder at Reggies, Saturday, July 14, 2018

Rebel Show

  • Exhorder
  • War Curse
  • Dysphoria
  • Reign
  • Another One Dead

@Reggies Rock Club
Saturday, July 14
Ages = 17+
Show = 7:00 pm
Tickets = $25


Exhorder is an American thrash metal band from New Orleans, Louisiana formed in 1985 by a group of friends who wanted to break out of the hardcore scene and had a passion for the heaviest music in the world. They are considered to be the progenitors of the groove-oriented thrash sound that would later come to dominate the scene. Coming after years of demos, their debut LP Slaughter In The Vatican (1990) was regarded as a major influence on the NOLA metal scene and saw them rapidly rise on the world stage as one of the defining thrash acts of their generation. Their second (and to date, last album) The Law was released in 1992 and adopted more of a groove metal sound. It saw the band reach their peak of popularity, but unfortunately bad luck and external pressures lead to the demise of the group in 1994.

With the underground maintaining a steadfast dedication to the band, Exhorder have since reunited with the lineup from The Law on several occasions. With these reunions they have played Maryland Deathfest, Rock Hard, and countless others. The reunion was cut short in 2011 with the untimely passing of their classic-era bassist Frankie Sparcello. Now the band is back, reunited and hungrier than ever, ready to take on the world. With a boatload of festival dates on the way along with select club shows, the New Orleans boys are here to show the world once more what it takes to thrash it up. (Source)

War Curse

Formed in 2013 by guitarists Justin Roth, Joshua Murphy, and drummer James Goetz, War Curse has become a new prominent force in thrash metal. Like many bands facing the harsh realities of life and relationships, War Curse has endured a handful of line up changes since it’s inception. In 2016 War Curse added some serious firepower and experience to the line up with the addition of ex Grip Inc / current Heathen bassist Jason VieBrooks. In 2017 the line up was once again complete with Blaine Gordon assuming the role of vocalist and frontman.

The band’s debut EP “Final Days” (released via Static Tension Recordings) propelled War Curse out of the basement and on to the national circuit. The band’s true to roots bay area sound has resonated with metal fans and media alike. After writing early material and ramping up for local and regional shows in 2014, War Curse spent most of 2015 melting faces around the mid-west, sharing the stage with notable bands like Havok, Raven, Metal Church, and Black Fast. 2016 would prove to be a break-out year, seeing War Curse further expand their reach by touring the U.S. in support of “Final Days” alongside Miami death thrash pioneers Solstice. High energy shows across the map garnered War Curse the reputation of being a must see live act, assaulting ear drums and doling out sore necks in every city they step foot in.

In 2017 the band has shifted it’s primary focus back to writing, enlisting the services of Ben Schigel of Spider Studios (Chimaira, Drowning Pool, Ringworm) to engineer and produce their upcoming sophomore release. The untitled full length album will feature 8 new tracks and two guest solo appearances from a couple of bay area heavy hitters (yet to be announced). Upcoming tours, headlining dates, festival appearances, and War Curse’s first venture into Europe and Mexico will fill in the blanks between studio sessions. Check back for updates and announcements as 2017 unfolds.

“Final Days” is available at warcurse.com or from iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and all of your favorite platforms. (Source)


The moment has finally arrived! After more than 20 years, Dysphoria has returned to make up for their heart breaking lapse from music.

Forming in the early ‘90’s, Dysphoria appeared to be the prototype for death metal. The representatives of the mid-western United States, came tearing out of the gates, obtaining a loyal fan base in just a few short years.

With 1993’s 3 track demo, ‘Day of Atonement’ being the bands sole offering, Dysphoria played alongside numerous well known bands, and proved to be an imposing force in metal very quickly. The band recorded more demos, but they were unfortunately never released, and the band officially went on the back burner in 1995, due to other projects.

While work continued with the members other bands, Dysphoria wasn’t something any of them were able to let go of. As they fine tuned their skills with bands like; Kommandant, Blood In/Blood Out, Fleshgrind, Jungle Rot, Bludgeon, and Immortal Bird, the reformation of Dysphoria was just a matter of time, and that time is now!

After hooking up with Spanish label Pathologically Explicit Recordings, Nick Hernandez, Rich Canamar, James Genenz, Eric Karol, Matt Korajczyk, and Dysphoria have completed their very first, full length album, ‘Foul Ashes of Deceit’.

Dysphoria were determined to make up for lost time and unleash a scalding album. Reenergized, the band immersed themselves in writing a back breaking record, and they have succeeded in that task.

“We are eager to disseminate this plague amongst you. Warn someone!” -Dysphoria

‘Foul Ashes of Deceit’, does not refrain from picking up where the band left off in the ‘90’s. This album is a stunning display of that vintage death metal sound that the band was known for before their vacancy in the scene.

Aggressive, and even frightening at times, ‘Foul Ashes of Deceit’, is destined to leave a brand on metal scenes everywhere. (Source)


The killer street thrash band known as Reign was formed in 2013 in Chicago IL. Fusing death metal rhythms , progressive song layering, old school thrash riffs, and a punk attitude, Reign is a sonic force to be reckoned with.

Throughout 2013 they built an underground following, gained a reputation for high energy shows and toured the midwest (without any recorded material!). In 2014 Reign released a single, “New World Order”(Demo). In early 2015 Reign released their first self-produced EP “WMD” and began a small scale national tour, playing dates on the West Coast and Midwest. In the spring of 2016 they released their second EP , Maximum Carnage. And subsequently followed up with a tour across the country. Through dedication and a solid work ethic Reign has become a Midwest mainstay and they continue to Thrash stage after stage after stage. Stay Tuned for more! (Source)

Another One Dead

Another One DeadIndiana Death Metal (Source)


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