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Black Tusk

August 16, 2018 @ 7:00 am - 11:30 pm

  • Black Tusk
  • Whores.
  • Night Demon
  • WhiteNails
  • Blood Star

@Reggies Music Joint
Thursday, August 16
Show = 7:00 pm
Ages = 21+
Tickets = $17

Black Tusk

Black TuskBlack Tusk was born from sweat. There was blood, and maybe a few tears, too, but more than anything, it was sweat that marked the earliest years of Savannah, Georgia’s Black Tusk. Formed in 2005 by three lifelong friends—bassist Jonathan Athon, guitarist Andrew Fidler, and drummer James May—the band welded together a three-pronged vocal attack, dirty punk, sludgy heavy metal, and a big fat dose of Motorhead to create what they called “swamp metal.” The name stuck, and the sound spread as they hit the ground running and toured hard on their first EP, 2005’s rough’n’ready When Kingdoms Fall. They kept up a manic pace, recording two more demos (2006’s untitled demo and 2007’s The Fallen Kingdom. Hyperrealist signed on to release their 2008 debut LP, 2008’s Passage Through Purgatory, and 2009 saw them churn out a trio of splits with the likes of The Holy Mountain, ASG, and Fight Amp. Soon after that, the heavyweights at Relapse Record came calling. 

The Philadelphia-based label and the band formed a partnership that lasts to this day, first collaborating on their 2010 breakthrough Taste the Sin and then on their highly-anticipated 2011 follow-up, Set the Dial. Since then, they’re released a pair of EPs—2013’s Tend No Wounds and the digital-only 2014 EP Vulture’s Eye—and kept pounding the pavement in the United States, Europe, and the UK alongside bands like Red Fang, Kvelertak, Down, Municipal Waste, Fu Manchu, Inter Arma, Intronaut, and so many others, as well as being hand-picked to appear on Metallica’s Orion Festival in 2012. (Source)


Whores.Founded in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, Whores has established themselves as one of the most successful and motivated bands in the genre today. Elements of Helmet, Melvins, and the Amphetamine Reptile roster can be heard throughout their catalog, but Whores are no regurgitated throwback act. Through intense, cathartic live performances and the perfected aggressive tenacity present on their recordings, the band has gained a fervent following sure to do nothing but grow in the years to come.

Whores have shared the stage with acts such as Red Fang, Torche, Big Business, Melvins, Mudhoney, Retox, Deafheaven, Iron Reagan, Metallica, Slayer, Kylesa, Black Tusk, Royal Thunder, Floor, Lamb of God, Tombs, The Sword, Baroness, Dillinger Escape Plan, Chelsea Wolf, Youth Code and many more.​”​ (Source)

Night Demon

Night DemonNight Demon erupted onto the underground heavy metal scene with their self-titled four-song EP in 2012. This recording showcased a sound forged by a deep-seated passion for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal loaded with unmistakable notes of American muscle and swagger. 

Listeners around the globe were captivated by this fresh take on a revered sound, and a notable street buzz soon followed. In 2014, the band’s momentum continued trending upwards, when they landed support slots on the US tours for Diamond Head and Raven, as well as launching the first of many DIY van tours across Europe that summer. This European jaunt strung together several festival appearances, and was complimented by gigs in every city, town and hole-in-the-wall village they could find. This became the blueprint for the band’s subsequent trips to Europe in 2014 and cemented Night Demon’s reputation, both at home and abroad, for being an incendiary, must-see live act with a tireless work ethic.

Never a band to follow the expected trajectory, Night Demon has forged their own path bringing their distinct brand of heavy metal heat to more people in more places – including those less traversed and off the beaten path. The band has completed two tours in Mexico, and, in early 2017, a run of 20 dates in South and Central America, including ten shows in Brazil alone! With each successive tour, Night Demon’s live show has incorporated additional production elements, including innovative lighting, visual effects and the nightly onstage appearance of the band’s black-cloaked skeletal mascot, Rocky, to haunt, goad and tempt concertgoers into drinking from the chalice.

These unrelenting road warriors show no sign of slowing down and will kick off the new album cycle with a national U.S. tour alongside Anvil in spring 2017. Numerous global festival appearances have also been confirmed—including amongst others, Frost and Fire, Defenders of the Old, Maryland Death Fest’s Days of Darkness in America, Up the Hammers in Greece, Pounding Metal in Spain, Very ‘Eavy in the Netherlands, Keep It True, Rock Hard and Party San Metal Open Air in Germany. For Night Demon, no stage is too small and no stage is too large. They will take them all by storm. Welcome to the blessed night… (Source)


WhiteNailsHailing from Quebec City, Canada, Whitenails is a stoner rock band, influenced by the sounds of Pentagram, Black Sabbath and Kyuss, Whitenails adds a psychedelic touch to their debut album First Trip. Heavy riffs are not lacking on this business card which has received a very positive critical reception. Add a very seventies visual and you have a band that quickly gets a top spot on the scene. (Source)

Blood Star

Blood StarBlood Star is a classic heavy metal tempered with take-no-shit rock n’ roll. No stage is safe from the eldritch blaze.

Cold canyon winds whip across snow swept summits, whirling down to a sprawling valley floor. A blood red star hangs low over the horizon: the only light that pierces the opaque particulate haze. Perhaps it is an omen – a harbinger of good fortune. Or perhaps its presence symbolizes a chaotic and malevolent end. For several weeks the star has grown brighter, swelling in size and reddening in color. As the anomalous Blood Star’s crimson glow encroaches on the cobalt sky above, unease permeates all facets of existence. Anomie and malaise take root. Entropy seems to accelerate at an ever-increasing rate. Madness reigns. The world takes its last labored, heaving breaths bathed in relentless red rays of a sinister star.

Working within the template forged by previous practitioners of the heavy and dark arts, Noah Hadnutt (Bass – Sanctifyre), Jamison Palmer (Guitar – Visigoth), Madi Smith (Vocals), and Daniel Alexander (Drums – Envenom, Deathblow) form the four points of the Blood Star. The tenacious quartet tempers classic heavy metal with take-no-shit rock n’ roll. Their cutthroat riffs take cues from Blue Öyster Cult, Black Sabbath, and Rainbow, while the bone splintering bass tone and pummeling drums evoke the grinding rhythms of Motörhead, Saxon, and Accept. Hungry for conquest, Blood Star embarks upon their first North American tour in August 2018, supporting heavy metal powerhouse Night Demon. No stage is safe from the eldritch blaze of the Blood Star. (Source)


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