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Black Flag

August 25, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Black Flag at Reggies on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Black Flag
The Linecutters

@Reggies Rock Club
Sunday, August 25
Doors = 7:30 pm
Ages = 17+
Ticket starting price = $25

Black Flag

Black FlagBlack Flag was formed in 1977 by guitarist Greg Ginn, a graduate of UCLA. Ginn formed the band with bassist Chuck Dukowski; the pair soon added drummer Brian Migdol and vocalist Keith Morris. At the same time, Ginn and Dukowskiformed an independent record label, SST, which released the band’s first EP, Nervous Breakdown, in 1978. Morris and Migdol departed the following year — Morris went on to form the Circle Jerks — and they were respectively replaced with Chavo Pederast and Robo. By the release of 1980’s Jealous Again, Black Flag had begun to tour the U.S. relentlessly, building up a small, but dedicated, following of fans. After the release of Jealous Again, Pederast left the group and was replaced by Dez Cadena. However, Cadenapreferred to play guitar, and his transition to that instrument in 1981 gave the group a heavier sound; his replacement on vocals was Henry Rollins, a Washington, D.C., fan who jumped on-stage to sing with the band during a New York performance.

In many ways, Black Flag was the definitive Los Angeles hardcore punk band. Although their music flirted with heavy metal and experimental noise and jazz more than that of most hardcore bands, they defined the image and the aesthetic. Through their ceaseless touring, the band cultivated the American underground punk scene; every year, Black Flag played in every area of the U.S., influencing countless numbers of bands. Although their recording career was hampered by a draining lawsuit, which was followed by a seemingly endless stream of independently released records, Black Flag was unquestionably one of the most influential American post-punk bands. A full decade and a half before the fusion of punk and metal became popular, Black Flag created a ferocious, edgy, and ironic amalgam of underground aesthetics and gut-pounding metal. Their lyrics alluded to social criticism and a political viewpoint, but it was all conveyed as seething, cynical angst, which was occasionally very funny. Furthermore, Black Flag demonstrated an affection for bohemia — both in terms of musical experimentation and a fondness for poetry — that reiterated the band’s underground roots and prevented it from becoming nothing but a heavy metal group. And it didn’t matter who was in the band — throughout the years, the lineup changed numerous times — because the Black Flag name and four-bar logo became punk institutions. (Source)

Black Flag is currently recording new material for a future studio release and will be touring in the Summer of 2019 on their 2019 Summer Tour. (Source)

The Linecutters

The LinecuttersThe Linecutters are an Arizona based punk and metal band consisting of Marceliano Festa on guitar and vocals, Jett Smith on bass guitar and vocals, and Kaz McClain on drums. Formed in August of 2013 when high school friends Marceliano Festa and Jett Smith got together with drummer and friend Jon Heiligenthal for a jam session that resulted in the song “Assimilation” and marks the formation of The Linecutters. The band begun playing shows mostly in the Phoenix area and writing music until eventually releasing the seven song EP “Pirates Of Suburbia”, in June of 2014. Drummer Jon Heiligenthal left the band in August of 2016 with Kaz McClain joining shortly after. Slope Records signed the band in November of 2016. “Pirates of Suburbia” was re-released through Slope with new artwork and physical releases.The Linecutters released their debut full length “Anthill” in May of 2017. The album is distributed through Slope Records. They are currently working on a new 4-song EP titled “Knuckledragger”, which includes the 2018 single “Patriot”, and it is to be released next year. (Source)